Friday, April 4, 2008

IVF drugs

so i got all my IVF drugs today- it's a bit daunting but i'm very excted about all of this- i started my BCP last night but i still have a good 2-3 weeks before i have to start stims so till then i'll just wait impatiently!

one of my friends at work is in nursing school (gradutes in May) and she is going to help me with everything (mixing & such) she's one of the only work people i've told because she's the shit & i love her. so yeah.

my co-workers are going out tonight for drinks & such to say goodbye to the 2 dispatchers who got laid off- i should totally go but I DON'T WANNA! i don't have an excuse because the bar they're going to is directly across the street from me ::sigh:: maybe i still won't- but i feel bad because i always weasel out of going! it's kind of boring- meh.

well that's about it.
God Bless
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