Monday, April 21, 2008

Stimming Starts on Friday

so i dragged my ass out of bed @ 4:30a.m. for the 45 min ride to Lexington, MA this morning for my suppression check @ 6:30a.m.- ugh. everything went fine & my nurse called me @ 4:15 this afternoon to let me know that i would start stimming on Friday 04/25. FRIDAY!!! i wish it was tonight but i can't complain. i will "live it up" for this last week & then start my "regiment" on friday. no more alcohol or caffeine or splenda- just natural crap- ugh! hmmm- it'll all be worth it in the end!!! i know it will!

so yeah, here's what we're looking at:
BCP: 04/03-04/21
Stims: 04/25-05/06(ish)
Trigger: 05/07(ish)
ER: 05/08(ish)
ET: 05/11 or 05/13(ish) 3 or 5 day transfer
Beta: 05/23-24(ish) depending on ET date

OMG- looking at that makes it seem so much more real- but i don't think it'll really hit me until friday when i start injecting myself full of drugs- woohoo!

so yeah- i'm pretty happy...hmmm- it's been wicked nice out too so that just adds to my mood- also i made a wonderful apple cake last night but i forgot to take a picture & now it's gone ::sigh:: alas- it was good though!

alright- that's about it for now- God Bless!
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