Sunday, April 27, 2008

baby mama

omg- that movie was hilarious. of course it ended with a super sappy, everyone gets their way ending, but it was still funny. i laughed quite a bit, yes- it was nice.
anywho. i'm making pound cake- i'll post pictures later when it's done. i'm pretty excited about it because i love pound cake- alot.

also i will be taking my 3rd gonal-f shot tonight!!! it's taking me less & less time to stick myself now- ha- it's been TWO DAYS!!! and it already feels like forever. i have bloodwork & an ultrasound on tues @ 6:30a.m. yaaaay- we'll see how things are progressing then.

if all goes acording to plan, i will have my ERon May 8th- so according to the IVF calculator, i am currently 0w3d pregnant. HA! i can't wait till it's something "real" however, here is my 0w3d "belly pic":

i can't WAIT till it's actually something to look @- i'm even looking forward to the bloating & "looking fat" that i know will happen!!! i SO PRAY that this first IVF cycle works out- i just want to be KU ALREADY! PLEASE GOD!

so yeah- that's about it for now. i'm working the late shift this week: 11:30a.m.-8:30p.m. i had to switch with someone because i was supposed to work it next week but next week should be my ER week & i need to be able to take that day off- so thankfully one of my co-worker's switched- i love her for that.

ok- that's it! GOD BLESS!
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