Monday, April 7, 2008

wow- just wow.

warning: LONG

i have one fully biological brother who is/has done the following:22- crazy- bi-polar- a liar- a con- a thief- an all time asshole- in the marines(sort of)- married(shotgun wedding in Dec)- poor- jobless- has a jobless wife- stole all of my younger (18 year old) brother's hard earned money- has been a dictator for the last 3 months that my younger brother has lived "with" them in the apt HE paid for, FOR them- etc etc etc.yes- is & his 20 year old slut- i'm sorry, i mean wife (who i have met all of twice & actually spoken too all of once)are crazy. and one more thing- pregnant. yes, that's right folks, they are having a baby boy in June. my brother told me he "thought" they were pregnant in Nov but then stated that they weren't- but after their shotgun wedding in Jan i knew they were, i just never called him on it because he's an asshole & i hate talking to my mother just called to tell me she had to throw my brother (22) out of the house because he came to "get" my other brother (18) who snuck out of their apt this morning with (22)'s car to run home to my parents because he just realized that brother (22) is phsyco. yeah- long story. in any case my brother (22) basically went all bi-polar weird on my mother and accused her of trying to stab him when he lived there (if my mother tried to stab him she wouldn't have missed) and how she gave his slut wife "dirty looks" and blah blah. basically, crazy talk. anyway so she called my dad who said he was coming home & in the mean time she kicked his ass out- all while my 3 younger siblings were watching in horror because they used to basically worship him (22) before they became old enough to realize what an ass he yeah- now brother (18) will live with my parents (thank God because that poor kid would do anything for (22) and now realizes that, that was a huge mistake) and brother (22) & his slut wife will most likely get evicted from their appt (because brother (18) isn't there to pay the bills anymore) with a newborn in tow. and what will they do? come begging to all of us to help them and we can't say no, why? because how are we going to say no to the baby? ::sigh::i'm sorry that was long: who would have thought my sweet, little brother would turn into such a monster & get his then-gf now slut wife pregnant? who knew?if you're still with me, thanks. and it's funny because i'm so annoyed i don't even feel like crying (boo hoo, whoa is me) all i can do is laugh. brother (22) & slut wife= fucking morons.
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