Wednesday, June 27, 2012

re-stocked the store

there's more stuff up @ the store: lookatthebird's stuff

99% grown up ladies stuff.
same disclaimer as last time- worn but awesome condition.
clean but wash it.
may the force of my pets be with you.
$8 flat rate (i'll refund you the diff if it's less).

these are all things i totally love but either:
1. just don't have the time/place to wear
2. they're too big (i miss cookies)


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Zaralex said...

I miss cookies. lololol

gt31106 said...

I NEED those stripy shoes, but sadly wear more of a 7.5/8 shoe...but I do have a wide, in your professional opinion what should I do?!?!

t.bird said...

gt31106- hmmm, well i'm a pretty strict 9 (sometimes 8.5) & i have narrow maybe??? ah, i'm bad with that stuff :)

Jamie said...

I love, love, love all that I have bought to far - 3 pairs of shoes and a Coach purse!! I get so many compliments on the Coach purse (the white, silver and black!). And I am glad we wear the same size shoe. HA!!

t.bird said...

Jamie - i'm so stoked you like everything!
i'll get your shoes out to you on Mon!

Jamie said...

Awesome!!! They are sooooo cute!

jessica w said...

Cute stuff, but am I missing the sizes? I am interested in the dove dress...