Thursday, June 14, 2012

lookatthebird's stuff (clothes/shoes for sale)

 (UPDATE): sorry if the store was Private for a few minutes- i royally screwed up shipping & had to fix it- all set now!

alright ladies- a few disclaimers:

- everything is worn (unless noted otherwise) but in good condition
- i'm not selling anything i wouldn't put back on my own children. pretty promise. 
- i've done my best to note all stains or wear & tear
- all clothes have been washed but you should re-wash
- i have 2 dogs & a cat- enough said, right? (ie: they make their way into everything)
- colors are true- i didn't edit these pictures but my house has funky light. so message me if you have questions
- all sizes/brands are listed
- no returns
- shipping =$8 flat rate ($5 was too small & $10 was too big- so I split it ladies. if your personal shipping ends up = less than $8 i'll refund you the diff!)
- USA orders only (if you're in Canada & you're desperate- buy it & message me. i'll get it to you!)
- i have other items that are coming! i'll keep you updated
- payment = via paypal

aaaaaaaaaaand i think that's it. happy shopping!

lookatthebird's stuff

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Britt said...

it says the store is password protected... whats the password my friend??

t.bird said...

Britt- sorry, it's public now!

Meg said...

I thought it was going to be $5 shipping. What happened?

t.bird said...

Meg, it was but $5 = smallest boxes ever & $10 = huge. so i split the diff at $8.

Meg Smith said...

Woohoo! Just placed my order; I'm pretty psyched!

Gretchen said...

Just ordered! Yay! Let me know if shipping turns out less :)

Sending a few friends your way too! Adorable girl things!

t.bird said...

ladies- i'll get your orders out tomorrow!

& gretchen- KP stuff is so light that i know it'll be less than $8- i'll stick the $3 in your package!

Ashley said...

Ahhh, so much cute. I wish my girl was still small! :(

lynn.marie said...

I find out Monday if we are having a girl or boy arriving in November. If it's a girl I'll be back....assuming you still have some stuff available... :/

JDub said...

I sent you a comment via the website about the swimsuits - I want them but checked out too fast :(

Thanks for doing the sale!

t.bird said...

JDub- sorry! i just saw it- totally cool. i'll add them to your order :)