Friday, June 22, 2012

the things they say

in typical female fashion, alex enjoys talking. a lot. like, forever. non stop.
it's quite endearing actually- except when she spews embarrassing things about my bodily functions at a high decibel in public bathroom stalls...

"::GASP:: momma! that's blood! how you hurt yourself?!"

dear God.

here are a few gems as of late:

"mom, i smell something. is that your pee? your pee is smelly momma. i smell your pee!" (in my defense, i'd just eaten my fair share of asparagus) 

"mom, i pooped. oh my gosh, that's a big poop!!! look at that big poop momma!" (we've been potty training & homegirl is pumped about potty pooping)

"oh my GOODNESS! that is so cute. awwww!" (about everything. mainly, cute things)

"mom, those are your boobies? i want them!" (bwahahahaaaa! sure kid)

"oh brother." (what? how!) 

"momma, she has a big butt!" (damn you Dumbo) 

"the bugs suck my blood for their food." (why yes, yes they do)

& the list goes on. some things are said so perfectly timed that it's just epic. i die. the husband's comedic gold.

sometimes brynn joins in & she has a key phrase that she says quite loudly & often (mainly at Target or when we're out to eat):

"momma! MY BUTT HURTS!" (i'd like to add that she grabs her crotch with 2 hands whilst saying this. i blame myself. whenever we've battled diaper rashes i always ask her if her butt hurts. silly me)

& her second favorite:

"momma- I POOP AGAIN!" (also while crotch grabbing)

if you were considering entering your child for the "classiest kid of the year" award- just don't. because clearly my children are going to win this year.

happy friday people.  
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1 comment:

Erica said...

ahhhh thats hilarious! Mine also did the whole...."OMG mama you bleeding, need bandaid" thing in that bathroom ....LOVELY!