Wednesday, June 13, 2012

clothes for sale....tomorrow (& other random stuff)

so i never ever want to have an online clothing store. dear God.
so many pictures. so many descriptions. so many sizes to keep track of...

but i'm finally almost done (tonight) & i'll have the link up for your guys tomorrow. i'll type out a little disclaimer as well but basically: this is 99% used clothing. i'm only selling stuff that i'd still put on my own kids (or myself). i've noted any staining or wear & tear. no returns, yadda yadda. $5-10 flat rate shipping. hooray!

going through all those itty bitty clothes made my ute start quivering. too bad she's hard to fill. waah waaah waaaah.

regardless-  tomorrow.

in other news: 3 of our lovely ladies (the chickens) have crossed the road...RIP
some animal out there has a belly full of them. ::cries::
so now the ladies stay locked up in their pen unless we're home.  they hate us for it but hello? death is out there girls.
thankfully, we ordered 4 more to replace them & they came in this morning. prepare yourself for cute pictures of baby chicks in the near future.

& here's an instagram dump (follow me @lookatthebirds) to brighten up your day. (yes, that's me assuming my instagram pictures make you happy)

 wedding attire

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Erica said...

ooooooooo I love your dress!!!! Are you posting that .....if so I NEED IT!

Sorry about your chickys too :( Sofia is super excited about our move because her uncle frank in ATL has about 20 chickens :)

mama foosa said...

congrats on the baby chicks!
i'm excited about this clothing sale of yours :)

Jen said...

I love your dress too! Where did you get it from?!

t.bird said...

erica: ah no! that's my new favorite dress! ha! & chicks are theeee best!

foosa: i have on boy clothes though ;)

jen: thank you! i ordered it on!

Erica said...

LOL :::sigh::: now I must go shopping on too :-P