Monday, June 4, 2012

i'm not dead

hey. yes- i live. barely. dear God.

we're finally coming out on the other side of 2 very sick toddlers (ear infections, a virus, throwing up, the craps, diaper rash...etc etc) + a sick me (virus courtesy of my offspring & ANOTHER inner ear infection. it's been over a week & i'm still dizzy & me universe.)

i should also mention that we've been potty training. it's going amazingly well. as in, i'm actually shocked that alex has only crapped on the floor once & had a number of pee pee accidents that i can count on 1 hand. bravo child.

we're in underwear all day (minus naps, bedtime & car rides) & we go through a lot of M&M's (you go pee/poop you get an m&m. freaking sweet.) i'm still scared to stick her in undies for trips to the store so i haven't ventured there yet. the thought of herding both of them into the bathroom & making sure they don't contract....something, is terrifying.

regardless, high five to my first born. & congrats for owning more pairs of underwear than i.

other than keeping my head above water, life is life. nothing new or exciting.
- i'm working on getting pictures of all the girl's clothing so the shop should be up within the next week.
- i completed 2 Pinterest crafts. i literally shook my own hand. i'll post pics later.
- the husband & i got a random date night squeezed in this past weekend. a date night that included 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep in a king sized bed...for free. holymotherofGod.
- snow white & the huntsman- dudes, go see it. right now.
- i wore these leggings & got mixed reviews on instagram:

what say you blog readers? (i love them so hard. i can't help myself.)
- i mentioned i was dizzy as hell right? omg. it sucks. do people live like this?!
- i really want to give myself bangs but i chicken out every time. no balls.

& now i'll spam you with a bunch of old pictures that i finally uploaded. time management- i have none.

happy monday.
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Care said...

i love you, that is all. well no theres more, you can rock the leggings, i could not.

ps: the girls are gorg

Zaralex said...

Ah happy to hear from you :)

Krysta said...

If you felt confident in the leggings than that's all that really matters! I don't think I could pull them off, but you did! Also, the girls are soooo cute in their matchy little outfits!!

MarMat said...

You've been missed. I'm glad you are ok.

Good for Alex with PT. I'm having a hard experience with my girl. She goes potty, pulls down undies, pants, sits.. but she's more comfortable peeing elsewhere... *sigh*

I love Brynn's curls.

Erica said...

Brynn's hair is TO.DIE.FOR! Can I cut some and glue it to my head? lol