Friday, July 6, 2012

dramatic toddler is dramatic

scene: alex is crying about absolutely nothing something obviously huge & i'm trying to reason with her.
brynn is attempting to feed the dog from her mouth. like a bird. yes, you read that correctly
meanwhile my best friend looks on & makes a mental note to refill her birth control prescription.

me: "alex, what is it?"
her: ::sobbing::
me: "alex, hon- you need to use your words. what's the matter?"
her: ::kicking & screaming::
me: "alex, if you can't calm down & stop kicking you're going to have to sit in a time out."
her: ::queue dramatic throwing of one's tiny self onto her back with her hands over her eyes::

& then we died laughing.

happy friday.

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Mitzi G. said...

You gotta love when their world is about to end!!

Jill said...

so funny!! regular scene over here too!! Your girls are just too cute!

Erica said...


Reminds me of the time Sofia had a shit fit ....and after me pleading with her for what seemed like eternity she said I was "too dramatic for her"

p.s. you + curly hair = gorgeous!

MarMat said...

Can totally relate.

Can you imagine teenagers? LOL

Zaralex said...

Happy to hear from you !!!! as always :)