Tuesday, April 3, 2012

what's good?

things are slowly returning to normal.

amidst babies being born, hectic schedules, driving to & fro, things have been insane. i've also been busy with other, personal, things that haven't panned out exactly as i'd hoped, so throw a dash of disappointment into the mix & you've got yourself the busiest March ever.

thankfully the majority of last month was spent in a summer weather haze- so while i may have felt like i wanted to just go into a room, shut the door & scream (or sleep)- at least i was able to drag my offspring outdoors & let them run a muck sans a jacket:


we also managed to sneak in a playdate with some friends:


the amazing temps & an abundance of cracked corn (meant for our own chickens) also prompted several visits from a local band of roving turkeys:


& a couple lonely jakes were a bit braver & came right up to our porch:

DSC_0049 copy
DSC_0055 copy

imagine swimming lessons, tantrums, laughing, crying, sleeping, dogs peeing on the floor, work, bills, lots of coffee & that basically sums up the month of March.

april is looking like it's going to be a little easier to swallow:

- i have a pretty sweet review/giveaway coming this week! Grace & Lace is going to be giving away a pair of Lil Lacey Lou's to one of you guys, so if you've got a little girl who needs a pair of legwarmers (& trust me, every little girl does) then make sure you check back in before Friday!

- i've started tracking my calorie intake with SparkPeople.com & MyFitnessPal.com & it. is. insane. how much crap i consume. so as of April 1st i've really buckled down & i'm limiting myself to 1200-1500 calories per day. within 3 days i already feel better about my diet. i'm really focusing on healthy snacking & smaller portions.
i'm going to give myself a month on pre packages healthy meals to see how i do- then i'll move on to cooking more meals & breaking down the calories in each serving. i'm going to give myself 1 cheat day per week as a reward. i'd love to toss Jillian (30 day Shred) in there but i just have to be honest- i don't have the time. i know it's only 20 minutes but i literally don't have 20 minutes.
so instead i'm going to be taking about 10 minutes per day to focus on one section of my body. abs, butt, thighs- etc etc.i'm also going to take the stairs at work & try to take walks with the girls after work.
i know i never really updated after my 30 Day Shred in Dec but eating better & working out really made a diff. i felt leaner & better about myself. then i stopped...& didn't go back & i quickly gained back whatever weight & inches i'd lost. bad.

so this time i'm determined. i'm not pregnant so i have no excuse to have a belly this summer.
i'm currently weighing in at 125.9 & my goal for June is 110. it may be a bit lofty but i figure i should go balls to the wall or i just won't do it. so we'll see!

- KB is back. yaaaay!
- i'm going to see the hunger games on saturday- finally. i may have dreamt i was in the hunger games last night & i may have killed people...
- Easter sunday is this week.
- i have 2 shoots coming up- its been awhile so i'm beyond happy & ready.

& etc etc.

now if it would just get warm again...
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Juani said...

I so wish you could come to South Africa and do my wedding photo's for me in September.I love your style of photography so much!Everything always looks so pretty - also,I have some very lively little kids that are going to be there,and you have lots of experience photographing them ;)

Meghan said...

Hi, I happened to stumble across your blog from the bump around the same time you were blogging about the 30 day shred and the green smoothies. Your enthusiasm about it inspired me pick it up and clean off the dust it's been accumulating for the last couple of years. I finished it and did a couple of other workouts before I started her new program Body Revolution and I am on week 8! This is the longest I have kept up a workout routine since I had my son almost 16 months ago. So THANK YOU for blogging about it, I am so happy I found your blog that day. Good luck on your road to health! :)

Diana @Hormonal Imbalances said...

You can have our warm. :) It's 85+ here every day. Also - when did the girls get so big? zomg. It seems like just yesterday Brynn was born.

Crazy. Your photos look wonderful btw.

Erica said...

So adorable! Im loving this abnormally warm weather too! But my pics never come out that great :( I have a great lens and camera and Im pretty good understanding the basics of aperture and shutterspeed and the ISO ......but I need some lessons or something ...lol

Anonymous said...

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