Monday, March 26, 2012

diy: Lovebirds Diorama

so i know valentines day was so last month- but there's always next year. or just whenever, because this thing is cute.

thanks to Pinterest i stumbled across this tutorial by house of humble. an adorable lovebird diorama? heck yes!


super awwww. right?

it was fairly simple, but i will admit that i did do some cussing & i may have burned myself with the glue gun. but i'm no Martha Stewart so all in all it wasn't so bad. i think HOH's is a bit cuter than mine- but alas.

if you want to make your own little diorama learn from my mistakes:

- find the biggest large mouth jar you can. i grabbed a wide mouth Ball jar from the craft store & while my hand fit inside with ease, it seems so small compared to HOH's. it did the job, but if i make this again i'll search for a non Ball jar that is way bigger. i'd also look for a jar with less stuff on it- HOH's jar is nice & clear while mine has more writing on it- so it's not as easy to see inside.

- glue guns are dangerous & evil. watch yourself.

- i found it easier to glue the birds to the stick AFTER putting it in the jar.

- follow the directions on the iron on adhesive (ie: don't do it on your wood floor. my bad)

so there you go- head over to HOH's blog for the tutorial & happy crafting...& other inspirational crafty things.
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Erica said...

OMg love this! I've seen a few terrariums around thg blog world but haven't tried one and I like this even better. Besides Sofia has been asking me for a pet bird ....and the answer was NO based on our luck with fish .....So she just may get on of these on Easter morning ...hahahaha

Jess said...

This is ADORABLE!!!!