Wednesday, April 11, 2012

a facelift & other things

i've been wanting to change things up for awhile now, but me + HTML + grand ideas usually = "save without backing up? hell yeah, i've got this!"
"...oh shit. well that's not right....damnit!"

so i decided to enlist someone to assist me. one of my wiser choices this week.

a huge shout out & thank you to Ashley over @ Life as Ashlet for taking what i envisioned in my my head, for my blog, & making it magically appear on my computer screen.

in, like, a day.
she's some kind of sorcerer.

& a few things:
- the Grace&Lace giveaway ends tonight
- alex's outfit in that post is from Simplicity Couture on etsy (c/o of my friend Julie)
- alex's shoes are c/o Toke

& even more:
- i'm still going strong on my "diet". 1200-1500 calories per day is no joke & i waged a pretty savage internal battle yesterday when my office bought pizza. but the desire to button my shorts won out.
sometimes i just pretend i'm in The Hunger Games & that the snacks in my drawer don't exist....& that Peeta is gonna bake me bread when this is all over. it's very effective.
- i started back up on the 30 Day Shred. yes, i know i declared "I HAVE NO TIME!" but that's crap. i can make time. so i did- last night. i'm skipping Level 1 & jumping right in with 15 days at Level 2. i took before photos (again) & i'll make sure to get those up once i have after photos (which means i HAVE to do the 30 days again & i HAVE to stick with it & actually show you guys what it does)

& lastly
- Easter family picture ftw:


(entered into TPM's photo challenge)
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christina said...

ooh lovely new look.
and yes, that family photo is absolutely Winning.

Crystal said...

LOVE the new blog!!

and your Easter family pic?


Bethany said...

cute new look and super cute family photo!

Erica said...

love the new blog look ! and OMG how cute are you guys! dammit my ovaries are now twitching....telling me i need another daughter so I can dress them alike! LOL

Lea said...

Love the new look!

Good luck with Jillian Michaels! The shred is so tough but so great!
LOVE the Ester pic, too!

Zaralex said...

I was so used to the old blog.. this was a surprise... I am okay with change normally lol but this took me off guard. Don't worry I'll still happily check everyday :)

Jessica@ Southern Belle {and her boys} said...

1) I love you.
2) The frilly dresses? Could not be more perfect!
3) Love the new look!
4) Kudos for shredding again... I hate Jillian too much after a week to keep going!