Friday, April 20, 2012

life & blogging & everything else

i surmise that this blog may be bordering on being quite boring as of late.

in fact, i'm pretty sure it's more than bordering.

but the truth is- i am boring.

i don't have grand adventures. i'm not fashionable. i don't have kick ass sponsers. i don't offer incredible giveaways (not for lack of wanting. dude, i'd kill for an Oreck or an overpriced diaper bag). i don't come up with amazing DIY's. i don't go on vacations or girl's night outs. there are no blog meetups or get togethers in NH. i don't write for Babble. i can't justify attending BlogHer. i'm not pregnant. i don't have any strong opinions on any controversial topics. i don't have a job that calls for outfits worthy of instagram. i don't have any desire to spend my evening drinking wine & tweeting. i don't like wine & i'm too tired to tweet.

basically, i live vicariously through 95% of the blogs i, myself, read.

tonight, for example, will consist of me getting off work, picking up the girls, driving home, begging them to eat their dinner, watching them eat only grapes & watermelon & snubbing the macaroni:

(why yes, my 16 month old does still takes a bottle)

bathing them, telling them, "no you don't need fruit snacks because you didn't eat dinner" (only to cave 5 minutes later when they start hitting each other), trying to squeeze in 25 minutes with Jillian, cleaning up spilled water & crushed goldfish, waiting for the husband to get home, hopping in a scalding 5 minute shower, reading stories & picking up the toy tsunami, throwing in a load of laundry, saying goodnights & sleep tights, attempting to gather together a 300 calorie dinner when all i really want is Papa John's pizza & a Coke, collapsing on the couch.

& watching Grimm. friday night is Grimm night. i'll admit it, i think about it all day & count down the minutes. who am i?!

but yeah. that's tonight. & every other weeknight (minus Grimm).

i work 9 hour days & the husband works 12. that doesn't alot us much time for impromptu park picnics & trips for ice cream.

my instagram feed is full of playground visits, fashinable attire, zoo trips & dinners out. meanwhile i'm glaring at the clock that is seemingly stuck @ 11:30am.
Panera lunches & In & Out Burger make me curse my diet & loath my Healthy Choice meal.
date nights & hang outs with friends sprinkled with grande Starbuck's lattes + a slice of lemon loaf have me wistfully wishing we had friends, time for date nights & justification for a $5 beverage.

you could say i'm a wee bit jealous...& you'd be right. i'm well aware that envy is one of the 7 deadly sins (hello, i've seen Seven) but dude, i'm only human.

however, lately, when i feel myself starting to get green, i remind myself to focus on everything that i DO have. everything that i've been blessed with.

i have a fab husband that puts up with my OCD & weird anal-ness about...well, everything.
i have 2 incredible little girls who are completely healthy & think that i'm the bee's knees.
i have 2 dogs that pee on the floor & crap in my flower beds...ok, let's not talk about them.
i have a cat who is too fat & lazy to clean herself properly & sometimes has turds clinging to her butt hairs...yeah let's not talk about her either. (i threw up in my mouth a little too)
we have a home, 2 working cars & we both have stable jobs.
we scored in the Nanny dept & i don't worry about my children's safety as i sit at work.
we can pay our bills, put money into our 401k's & plan for our children's futures.
etc etc etc

(in fact, looking @ first world problems, i rather feel like i should be slapped for ever complaining about anything. gracious)

so when it comes down to it- i guess my boring life is pretty alright

Bubbles x2Bubbles

i'm well aware that i'm not the only working mom in the world who feels spread too thin at times. & i'm pretty sure there are some working mom bloggers who manage to lead pretty interesting lives despite crazy work schedules....(said moms, feel free to email me your secrets. is it cloning? sister wives? 8 cups of coffee...something illegal that doesn't show up in a drug test?)

what it comes down to is that we all lead pretty kick ass lives- just in different ways. i can see that simply by looking at my own blogroll & instagram feed & twitter account.
i'm just as hungry to read up on the life of a mother of 1 living in a penthouse in the city as i am to follow the life of a mother of 4 living simply on a farm.

it's like licking the crumbs off my plate from 2 different cookies...not oatmeal raisin though. because, just ew.

so i guess this is a bit of an apology. i'm sorry that i only have so much to offer. i'm sorry that sometimes a week will go by with no posts. i'm sorry that sometimes i just throw a bunch of pictures at you & call it a day. i'm sorry that you probably have no desire to raid my closet. but at least i'm hilarious, right?

but it's also a thank you- thank you to those that read this thing despite my lack of....whatever. i've been blogging here since 2007 (omg) & i've met (internet met) a lot of cool women through my little internet home. win.

& now i have to go drink water (not coke) & eat a reduced guilt freezer meal (not pizza) & try to figure out why Justin Beaber's "boyfriend" song is on repeat in my brain.
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Rose said...

You are doing great. :o) I've been following your blog for a while and I just think you girls are the cutest and I love your photography! :o) Eating healthy is the pits...I agree. I struggle with it daily also. Hang in there!

Rachel @ The House of Burks said...

I could have written this exact post (except substitute 2 boys for 2 girls). I am just not that exciting. We both work, the boys go to school, we come home and hang out. I'm lucky if I get to blog while I pump at work, but if not I don't sweat it. I do sometimes wish that I could stay at home and do all the fun things that I see on blogs and Instagram, but we are all happy and healthy, my children are thriving, and the bills get paid. I'd say we're doing pretty darn good.

Suzanne said...

I also think you are the bee's knees and look forward to your posts, whenever you get a second to do them. I think all bloggers - heck, all moms - sometimes get a serious case of the jealous if we start comparing our lives to the perfect instagramed ones other people put out there, but seriously, my first-world problems are so silly I want to kick myself in the face for even thinking them. Basically, DITTO everything you said.

crystal717 said...

girrrrrl! I am LOVING JB's "Boyfriend". Very JT(ish). And I sure do love me some JT. ;)

Also, I love reading your posts and I get sad when there's nothing new. Heck I even talk about you and the girls in convos with FI.

(This wk was my beffie's birthday and we LOVE owls so I replicated Brynn's bday cake. I told FI, my "friend" made it for her daughter and so I pinned it and now I will make it!! It turned out cute and she LOVED it)

anywho. I'm pretty sure my life is pretty boring. what with planning a wedding. it's like it's all about me. (and well I'm a leo and an only child. it IS about me. HA!)

so keep on doing what you're doing and keeping us entertained. i think you're the bees knees too. :)


Jennifer said...

I don't think I've ever commented before, but I've been following your blog for 3 years since I stumbled across it and noticed we were both equally far along with our first pregnancies. I love your blog! You are totally real and relatable! Also since I have boys, I love looking at the presh outfits you put on your girls. I love your style!

Go ahead and be "boring"! :) I'll keep checking in to see how you and those adorable girls are.

Jill said...

Im right there with you, except that im pregnant, but otherwise BORING!! But I love your blog, because its REAL, Im kinda sick of seeing posts begging for blogher sponsors, giveaways, and the twitters, I hate it!!! Keep doing what you are doing because its awesome!

Ariel @ Dreams To Do said...

I LOVE your blog! And your posts are NEVER boring. You are REAL. & I think that's what all of your readers appreciate the most. I can totally relate to pretty much everything you wrote in this post. (Even the fact that Bieber's new song is on repeat in my head) We just need to keep it in mind that even the blogger's out there who totally seem to have their shiznit together are probably a mess behind the scenes. I mean, no one is that perfect, right? That's what I tell myself anyway.

Desi said...

Your blog is a must read for me. I think that it's how most people live and it's refreshing to me...even though that you feel boring, I think you're relatable :)

Sarah said...

I LOVE your blog and I think you are a great photographer and your girls are super adorable! I am right there with you on the daily struggle to not give in to the green eyed monster and be truly grateful for all the blessings I have! Reading blogs and IG, can be evil and unhelpful in this endeavor, but I agree I like living vicariously through them and I hope that one day I will provide that for someone else.
Oh and the healthy eating (aka dieting), right there with you, too! It sucks hardcore, but I just keep thinking about the summer and how much better I will feel...

NicB said...

It always makes me smile to see a new post from you!

eak said...

I love your blog. I don't find it boring at all. You have a great way with words and sense of humour. I always look forward to your updates. It's nice when bloggers keep it real!

Hernandez Clan said...

I love your blog. I am a working mom of 3 with less than 'absolutely no time' and I even find myself wondering why I continue to blog. I have my moments but lets face it, I'm with you...some great times...but 99.6% of the time I'm just a normal boring ol' mom who sits at work, goes home, tends to the fam and such. I thnk that makes us interesting and real though. So yay for us moms that are boring...I bet even sometimes those busy moms that we envy doing all that cool stuff sometimes wish they could just have a Friday night to sit on the couch watching their fave show (Grimm for you and catchups of my DVR'd 'the voice' and 'greys anatomy')...Yay you and yes I have secretly been following your blog through another friend forever...but I will start following you so that you dont feel so 'boring'. Rock on boring average working momma. ROCK ON!

Marisol said...

Hi, so I'm single, no kids, lot's of friends and plenty of time to sleep/eat/joke/party...yet I'm still boring. I love you blog you crack me up and makes me look forward to the next post.

Seriously, if you look at my blog i've been avoiding it for like 3 weeks...i think my low point was writing an ode to my scarf as a post. I did just take a trip to China thought so things might be looking up.

Marisol @ The Sea & Sol

Baby Mama said...

I love following your blog. And I'm boring too :)

Laura said...

Well I don't blog, but I read yours because I think you have lots of cool stuff to say, and not only say it with humor! I love your writing, your posts make me smile and laugh! Keep it up, you hear me! ;)

Julie B said...


Zaralex said...

I loved loved this post :)

Your post on being boring what def. not boring, ironically :)

I ate your cookies lol. Maybe I'll send you something else! (not like a human ear or specimen or anything lol not a stalker- I swear)

Thanks for continuing to write - I say on my blog that I will update it more when my kid is cool and does stuff other than lay there so someday I hope to take pictures of my kid eating. And I feel bad everyday when I buy my $5 drink- and drink toooo much soda- so I need more of your will power.

Mitzi G. said...

You are far from boring.........your blog is amazing & that is because it it real & true to you. Our lives may not always seem "cute" or interesting in our own eyes but as an outsider looking in through your blog I think yours is pretty cool :)

t.bird said...

Ladies! thank you so much for all your comments- they seriously mean a lot to me!

it's a relief to know you'd rather read my blog than watch paint dry...or watch curling...

today i scrubbed my bathroom- wait till i tell you about it ;)


p.s. seriously though- gracias!

LucyS said...

Firstly, my 18 month old still drinks from a bottle! I have tried weaning approx. one zillion times, she's having none of it.

Second, I too live vicariously through other blogs, incl yours. I enjoy to read more than to write (I think?).

Thirdly, you may think your blog posts are mediocre in comparison to others but they're not - they are real life, your life. I for one enjoy reading it whether it's about cat poop hanging out of a butt or toddler toy tsunamis. You have nothing to apologise for in my eyes! :-)))

Sarah said...

That is SO my life too. Working full time doesn't leave a lot of time for much else during the week! I feel you and I still LOVE your blog! Keep at it mama! :)

Erica said...

Hey woman wheres your button .....i changed my blog and Im trying to add you back and you have no button :(

Jennifer said...

I love your blog no matter what you write about. I like hearing about people's lives that are just as mundane & normal as my own!

Keep up the good work!

t.bird said...

Erica- oh snap. i guess i do need a button!

let me get one that...ha!

Care said...

love your blog, I'm boring too. I dont twitter or instagram because I know Id have no followers and then I'd cry, lol.

and we had a cat that didnt lick its butt. luckily it was my parents, so we gave it back after a year. gross

Kass said...

I am boring and looking for new blogs to read/people to talk to. I liked your snarky post on 50 Shades of Grey but I haven't read the book so I didn't feel qualified to comment.

Did you know that "may you live in interesting times" is an ancient curse? I haven't looked it up on Snopes or anything, but I want to believe it's true. TGWB! (That's Thank God We're Boring).