Tuesday, April 17, 2012

what we've been up to via instagram

as much as i'd love to drag my camera everywhere, my hands are usually full of juice cups, dirty diapers & stuffed animals that simply HAD TO COME WITH US ON THIS TRIP TO TARGET!!!
so my phone wins. instagram forever. (if you want to follow me i'm @lookatthebirds) even you androiders can now get in on the action.

this past weekend alex resumed swim classes & i decided to make it a morning of just her & i. i sent brynn off with the husband to do their own thing.
we started at the pool & then hit up the mall for some Gap & frozen yogurt action:

Swim class!Alex & mommy time.Just call her Robin Sparkles.

by the way- i am now obsessed with tutti frutti. i'm trying to figure out how to justify going on a daily basis.

on the way home she informed me that "mommy. i had fun today." damn straight. ::huge mom smile::

sunday was a chill day- the weather was insanely awesome so after church we ran them ragged outside so they'd nap royally (brynn complied, alex resisted). then we indulged in fish tacos, french fries & chicken strips at a local eatery. we topped it off with ice cream & headed home to bath the 2 stickiest girls in existence.

After church playtime...Waitin' for lunch.

after the household minors were tucked into bed we high fived ourselves for an awesome weekend & i happily ignored Jillian calling to me from the dvd player. sunday is a day of rest people.

back to the weekly grind yesterday, along with 90+ degree weather. i so badly wanted to skip Jillian once again- but i didn't.
this diet thing isn't half bad. i feel better & i'm still crazy shocked over the amount of food that i can fill up on.
i'm by no means free from temptation- warm bread & chocolate both still whisper downright filthy things in my ear- but i tune them out.

one of the best things i've discoverd is no cook refrigerator oatmeal:

Overnight, No-Cook Refrigerator Oatmeal. Only 310 calories! #healthybreakfastOvernight No-Cook Oatmeal #2. Only 277 calories! #healthybreakfastCoconut Mango No Cook Oatmeal. So far, my fav! 400 calories. #healthybreakfast

you make it the night before by mixing greek yogurt, milk, rolled oats, chia seeds & various fruits. you give it a stir & pop it in the fridge.
the next morning it's nice & thick & delish. i top it with a bit more fruit or shredded coconut & you've got a healthy breakfast that literally fills you up.

i've been playing around with different yogurt & fruit flavors & i think my fav so far has been Cocnut Mango. insaaaane.

& that about wraps it up.
random weather, daily life, watching my girls turn into little persons, upcoming photoshoots (score), planning for summer- the ususal:

45 degrees on Easter. Legwarmers & slippers needed.Obsessed with the stream in our yard.Thrifting haul. #thrifting

so you. what have you been up to?

& would anyone be interested in a Link Up? if so- any ideas? we could do a "this week in instagram" link up or a "my kids are awesome" link up or etc etc. let me know!
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Bethany said...

LOVE the leg warmers!! super cute!!
I am new to Instagram and LOVING it!! Ok...more like obsessed. But whatev...
You can follow me @bethanys12

Erica said...

whoa that breakfast looks damn good considering I love me some greek yogurt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We went to a place like tutti frutti this weekend too called cups....and holy shizzam its a good thing im not on a diet cuz i wouldve failed ....MISERABLY

C. Marks said...

What ratios do you use for the fruit in the mango coconut? I've been doing mango almond mostly so far (I still do the steel cut most days for supply so I haven't done as much experimenting with the refrigerator variety).