Monday, March 12, 2012

holy crap. congrats! omg. wtf?!

KB had the baby this weekend. so 2 congrats are in order.

one: to the happy parents. yay for babies!

two: to KB for not being pregnant anymore...& delivering the baby herself. in the car. like a boss.
yes. you read that right. & "omg wtf?!" is an appropriate response.

i was waiting for baby news so when i saw a text from KB i was like- hooray! but then i read said text & was like- dude. what?!

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so let's break this down:
- she's in the car
- the baby says, "yo. i want out. now."
- she had to break the sac of water
- deliver the baby
- then deliver the afterbirth
- whilst taking care of the baby the car

i read this to the husband who was like, "Good Lord. that woman is a saint."
i concured, & then pondered aloud if this means she's technically a doctor now. & if so, does that mean she needs a significant raise?

she may be overqualified now. just sayin.

after i determined that all was well i couldn't help but ask about the state of the car. i mean, hello- you just had a baby in your car. that can't be pretty.

she quickly informed me that it was her sister's car (dude- i think someone is getting a good Christmas present this year) & that yes- a hardcore detailing is in order.

i'm imagining the conversation that would accompany dropping the car off:

"ok- so you need a full internal detail?"
"anything specific you want us to focus on?"
"preferably the backseat."
"ok- any particular reason?"
"...well we had a baby back there. so if you could just make sure to get out all the blood & amniotic fluid, that'd be great!"
"...come again?"

so glad i'm not in the car detailing business.

so once again- congrats to the new parents & KB.
i promise there won't be 2+ weeks of un-folded laundry on your return.
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Anonymous said...

OMG WTH???? Thats insane!!!!!! I cant even imagine! Congrats to her!

mrsbrightside78 said...

OMG!!! Wow! I was close to delivering in our car on the way to the hospital (arrived at 10cm) but there is no way that I could imagine having to actually do so. Kudos to her for being one hell of an amazing mommy!

Jess said...

WOAH!!! That's like my worst nightmare, haha. not

Sarah-Anne said...

ohymword. these are the things that only happen in TV shows. crazy.
glad she and the babe are doing just fine!

Carol said...

That's insane! She's a birthing machine and a saint!

Jessica said...


Anonymous said...

I just saw this story on!

shawnandlarissa said...

I certainly ended up on the news after delivering Gwyneth while home alone :P

Sara said...

I live in MA and saw this on the news last night. I said to my husband, "Look! I know her! She is the Nanny for a girl who's blog I follow" and my husband was all, "so you don't really know her at all?" He totally doesn't understand the internet....