Friday, March 16, 2012

brynn can't catch a break

poor brynn. for one reason or another i find myself shuttling her to the pedi's office.

usually it's a yeast diaper rash (which, hi- she currently has. however instead of dragging her in i called & demanded they just refill her rx ointment. they hemmed & hawed & told me to just slap some athlete's foot cream on it (don't you think i've tried that already?) but they finally put it through. & what do you know? 24 hours later it looks 95% better. i win.)

but this morning we found ourselves at the pedi because brynn looks like she's gone a round or 2 with Mike Tyson.

she woke up yesterday & her eye looked slightly red & swollen. but i figured she'd scratched it or bumped it & that she was good. i sent her to my mother's who said it looked fine for most of the day- but when she got up from her nap it was all puffy again.

so last night i gave her some benadryl to see if that made a diff. nada. so i put her to bed & figured we'd see what morning would bring.
well this morning it was a bit more red & swollen- but she can still clearly open her eye & there isn't a fever, discharge or pain.

but still- she looks like Quasimodo & googling "toddler has a swolled eye" kicked my hypochondriasis into overdrive so i left work & brought her in.

the pedi dx'd her with the begining of a stye (thought she said she couldn't be certain) & told me to attack brynn with warm compresses. she also prescribed an antibiotic eye drop.

so i dropped back off at my mother in law's & came back to work to google.

i'm not sure if i agree with the stye dx because i can't really locate a problem area. she's just kind of swollen all over her upper lid- you know? but i'm not seeing a bump. but then the other option is Periorbital Cellulitis which frankly sounds terrible (though not as terrible as orbital cellulitis).

so huh. like i said, she has no fever or goopy eye crap & her eye itself isn't red (ie: pink eye) so i guess i'll have to wait & see.

regardless, she was in good spirits & spent 15 minutes happily putting her shoes on & then taking them off. she's incredibly good at it so i think there is a possibility that she's a genius.

Pedi appt. putting her shoes on.

now i just need to figure out how i'm going to hold down a thrashing 1 year old in order to douse her eyes with eyedrops....

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Anonymous said...

This happens to me sometimes because I'm allergic to formaldehyde. Guess what, stuffed toys, new clothes, all sorts of things are sprayed with formaldehyde to keep them pest free when they are shipped and stored. If I go shopping and touch a lot of stuff or wear something without washing it first, my eyes swell closed. Other things set it off too, but mostly it's new retail items. If this continues to be a problem, have her tested for a formaldehyde allergy. It's a pain, but nothing major and easily treatable.
(Also, google Katrina victims and formaldehyde allergy - tons of kids pics with swollen eyes and faces from the formaldehyde soaked pressed fiberboard materials in the temp. housing folks were put up in)

Anonymous said...

I don't usually comment, but I love your blog and recently had to put eyedrops in my 1 year old's eye. I was dreading it, but honestly she did way better than expected, and she is a tough kid in general. Good luck and hope she heals quickly!

JDub said...

I learned from our pedi that if you drop the medicine in the corner of the eye near the nose even if the eye is shut the drop will go into the eye. Life changing information!

Marissa said...

We are battling a bout of Orbital Cellulitis as well. Our pedi however gave DD a shot of antibiotic and the next morning her eye looked a million times better. They said that this happened because she at one point had an ear infection (which we chalked up to teething) that spread to her eye. DD had redness that covered her eyelid and the redness actually spread across the bridge of her nose. Hope Brynn feels better soon.

Jess said...

Oh man, poor girl. Hopefully she gets better (or a break) soon!

Anonymous said...

oh no poor baby! My son had something like this and the doc couldn't figure out what was causing it but after eye drops it took about 2 weeks and finally went away ....hop she gets better soon

Mitzi G. said...

poor little girl; hope she's better very soon!!

t.bird said...

thanks to all of you for your suggestions & comments!
it ended up being just a straight up black eye- nice huh?
apparently my kid bashed her face when i wasn't looking- after a week or so her shiner was much improved. hooray!