Friday, March 9, 2012

the month of march

this month has been/is going to be crazy busy.

KB (the nanny) should be pushing out a baby any day now. So she'll be out of commission for 2 weeks. (before you think i'm an evil taskmaster who demands that my childcare provider be back at work within 2 weeks of a child exiting her womb- she's a surrogate for a friend. so while she's in charge of a pretty big piece of the whole "having a baby thing" once she's done her part- she's done. so she assured me 2 weeks recovery was more than enough time. & obviously if she feels that she needs more i'll tell her to take it easy & come back when she's ready. she's pretty awesome right?) So that means 2 full weeks of driving the girls back & forth to my mother's. That's a big deal - time & gas money wise. & considering that we just got our $700+ propane bill in the mail...yeah. my eye is twitching a bit.

but it's doable & i'm very thankful that my mother lives close enough & will be able to watch the girls for 3 extra days per week (she usually watches them on Mondays anyway & my mother in law takes fridays) so while i'm not complaining...just bemoaning. that's allowed- right?

moving on- we're also doing this whole refinancing thing, so we've got a closing to attend sometime within the next 2 weeks.

the husband is also taking his yearly skydiving trip to Florida this month- so he'll be jumping out of airplanes for 4 days & i'll be up here in the north. being cold.

alex starts swim lessons this saturday. i'm pretty pumped about it actually. she already thinks she's a fish, so i'm excited to see her in something bigger than the bathtub. i wanted to get brynn in too but they only had 1 slot- so she has to wait until the next class. which means i have to find someone to watch her for 2 saturdays when the husband is gone/working. blast.

i also had a super nifty root canal. you're allowed to be jealous. & not only does it cost upwards of $2500, it's also a 3 part deal. so last week i got to sit in a chair while the dentist stuck needle sized files into my tooth roots. that was pleasant. & afterwards (once all the awesome novocain wore off) it felt like he had kicked me in the face. repeatedly. for all i know he might have- i was sort of out of it.
then this coming monday i get to sit in the chair again while he puts in the post & temporary crown. hooray.
then i get to go back for the final crown. gee golly.
& did i mention i had to take antibiotics throughout this- so they're all like, "well, you shouldn't consume alcohol while you take these drugs. it's bad."
...well there goes my method of coping.

i kid. i kid. i don't need an Intervention. although, i've seen the treatment centers those folks go too & they look pretty yeah. just sayin...maybe i do need an "Intervention".

pshhhha. there's more- i know there is. my calendar has all these red marks & squiggles & it sits on my fridge mocking me.

but it's all good. because i've got this. & lately, it's been gorgeous outside & my kids have sort of been listening to me. sort of.
& we all have our health, a home, jobs, bills paid, food on the table & good friends. lol- jk. we don't have friends. i've been over this one.

but you know what i mean. we're healthy & happy & blessed.
we're like one of those inspirational wall hanging that you can buy from Home Goods.
don't even act like you don't know what i'm talking about.
& you know you own like 3 of them.

so- right on.

let's wrap this up with a little "what they wore":


sweater: Target
jeggings: Target
bib: babyGap
socks: BabyLegs
shoes: Vans


sweatshirt: Zara
jeggings: Target
socks: babyGap
bow: etsy

alex's sweatshirt slays me. the little elbow patches- really?! gah!
have a great weekend!
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Anonymous said...

i feel you on the whole busy thing! Im swamped with life right now! But Im managing! we have no friends either....just me Mr. V and the kids ....HA!

BTW your girls remind of those pretty porcelain dolls ! Gorgeous! Like they should be on a shelf or!

Allison said...

OMG--love the ponytail on Alex! I'm so jealous. My daughter is about the same age and has less hair than Brynn. Beautiful!

Dumb Mom said...

This is my first visit to your spot and, holy face, your girls are adorable! In nanny news, mine had the nerve to leave and go to college out of state last year. And, then to add insult to injury, she couldn't even come in the summer because she also got married! The nerve. Things have not been the same here since. Good luck with your busy week!

Sarah-Anne said...

busy you! glad to hear all is well :)

Jess said...

You always manage to make me laugh- I really need to stop by your blog more often. Sounds like March Madness... of a different kind. But I'm sure you'll be able to handle it all :) Supermama!