Tuesday, March 6, 2012

our weekend

this past weekend was pretty kick ass. mainly because we finally had the opp to take our children out to play in the snow.

that's right. it's March in New England & this was, what? the 2nd snowfall? 3rd? if that?

i'm not complaining- per say- but come on. kids love snow. almost as much as kids love peeing on the floor & smearing cream cheese on the couch.

...or maybe that's just my kids. but whatever.

fun was had by all. the husband & i made a sick snow slide that we gleefully helped shoved our children down. face first. butt first. sideways. all ways.

bad ass parenting right here.

thanks to my iPhone- the outside playtime was documented for your viewing pleasure.

BeFunky Vintage 1 on iPhoneBeFunky TiltShift on iPhone
BeFunky Vintage 1 on iPhoneBeFunky Vintage 1 on iPhone
BeFunky Vintage 1 on iPhone
Oh hai wiener dogs!

what'd i tell you? fun!

we topped off the weekend with church on Sunday & a trip to Starbucks for "yoyyypops".
i attempted to explain cakepops , but to no avail.

"actually these are cake pops. like lollipops, but cake- you know?
"...pupcakes?" (kid can't say cup cakes yet)
"sort of- like cupcakes ona stick...but round. get it?"

you got it kid.


how was your weekend?
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Anonymous said...

Adorable pics! Gotta love kids in snowsuits! That snow chair is pretty awesome ...LOL

Our weekend was great too....relaxion, homeade chicken soup, disney movies and shopping :)

The only crap part was that I thought the church I've been going to was "the one" but Mr. V 150% didn't like and wants to find another....so the "church search" continues :(

mama foosa said...

lol at the yoyypops :)
those snowsuits are super cute. glad you got some snow!

Sarah-Anne said...

Fun times!

Carol said...

Gotta love the cakepops, they are the only reason my 2 year old asks to go to starbucks! Love the processing on these photos!

jacobmontereal said...

They had a great time in snow. I love the photos.

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