Wednesday, February 1, 2012

baby seals are cute

look at this picture of a baby seal:

photo courtesy of google

holycrapomgadorable right?

(of course while i was googling "baby seals" & getting my cute fix, i ran across several pictures of baby seals being clubbed & immediately wanted to cry. omg?! who DOES that?! i had no idea...i am legit, sad right now. & confused. ::sad face::)

ok- so that seal is really cute? all things baby seals = cute. it's a fact.
so if someone was like, "oh, your child reminds me of a baby seal!" one would think that = my child's cuteness rivals that of an infant seal. kick ass. so awesome.

but alas. it does not. because what they're trying to tell you is, "omg- when baby seals bark & make that weird noise it's really cute- but now your kid is doing that & it sounds straight up awful..."

so yeah. brynn = a baby seal. because she's barking like one.

all night. all morning. all day. yay.

so for the 2nd time in less than a week (we took a pedi trip last week thanks to another yeast rash) my youngest & i got to spend some time bonding @ the pedi's office.

after the receptionist performed the usual routine: take my card. look @ insurance coverage info. cringe & shoot me a look of pity ($3k deductible here people). collect my co-pay. send me on my way.

we saw the nice lady doc & she validated me bring my child in by dx'ing her with croup & an ear infection (the joys). she prescribed an oral steroid & an rx for the ear & told me to waste water (with good reason) by running my shower & blah blah blah.

& to thank me for my concern & prompt pedi trip- my child let me dress her & then sat as far away from me as she could in an attempt to insure that i would try to steal any of her fruit snacks:

Croup + an ear infection.

such is love.

so yes. croup & an ear infection. this explains the semi-fevered child that clung to me for the majority of last evening whilst barking in my ear & splattering my face with spit.

spit that no doubt held quite a bit of germs because now my throat feels scratchy.

poor kid. but thanks to modern medicine & deep pockets (lol, who am i kidding?) she should be back to her old self within a few days.

and to end this on another cute note- here's another baby seal:

photo courtsey of google

not as cute as a baby sloth- but close.
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Erica said...

holy freaking tons of cuteness!!!!!!!! love baby seals! but sadly i was aware of the whole asshole-ish clubbing thing! people are sick.

Hopefully Brynn is feeling better soon too....and BTW she would have to run from me.....because Im always stealing some fruit snacks!

Marisol said...

Hope she feels better. All things baby seal = cute! Lesson learned.

Marisol @ The Sea & Sol

Sarah-Anne said...

Ahahaha, I can't believe the way you related baby seals to your baby. You rock!

Crystal said...

I think anything "baby" is cute!! I mean how can it not be?? ;)

Hope Brynn feels better soon.

Also, speaking of sloths: please tell me you saw Ellen Degeneres' video of when she had Kristen Bell on her show (this week). Turns out she LOVES sloths, too. and the video is HILARIOUS. I watched it twice and cried both times. You gotta watch it! :)


Alex17 said...

Hope Brynn feels better soon. For some reason that part about her sitting far away from you, coupled with the picture totally made me crack up!

t.bird said...

thank you ladies! she's still a sicky little thing- but she's on the mend!
Crystal- YES! & i died. i want to be her BFF now!!!