Tuesday, February 14, 2012

i'm 28 now

Feb 10th. my birthay.
Feb 14th. valentine's day.

i started dating the husband in Jan of 2005, right before my 21st birthday & right before valentine's day. at the time he thought that was pretty awesome.

sweet & romantic right from the start. kick ass. he got me Maroon 5 tickets that first year, sealed the deal he did.

now he curses me for being born so close to the national day for love. like it's my fault my parents copulated at the tail end of spring. gross.

regardless- he does well. every year. almost as good as me (if you didn't know, i'm a gift giving fiend). this year i have a sizable gift card to a local shoe store & i spent the majority of last friday downing an Edible Arangement. not sure what's in store for V-day yet- but i'm am sure it's bomb.

what did i get him you ask? a pretty gnarly watch. a wooden watch at that:

photo courtesy of WeWood

& what makes it even better: you buy a watch- they plant a tree. boom. i'm helping the universe. you're welcome.

right about now i should show you ultra cute pictures of my kids decked out in hearts & witty saying of love...but alas. i can't deliver. sorry.

i did lay out cute V-day outfits for them this morning before i left, so that should score me some points. perhaps they'll still be in them when i get home- but more than likely a day full of painting & cookie making has bested my efforts.

as for plans? nada. we'll come home from work- do life- eat dinner & go to bed. but we will ingest an alarming amount of candy- because that's love.

what about you?

what are you doing for V-day? tradition? something spontaneous? do you detest V-day? love it? meh? etc etc?

tell me.

& here's an Instagram recap of the last couple weeks:

Wahlburgers. Dude.Homemade lofthouse frosted sugar cookiesA mountain of jacques torres' chocolate chip cookies
Cookie exchange investigationMakin' bread...Remember that bread I was making yesterday...yeah. Pull apart awesome.
It's here! All your Mason jars are belong to me.Andes Mint Cookies. 4 ingredients.Sooo, this just happened. Ps- I don't carry around extra pants.
Edible Arrangements- the husband scored! #winningLovebirds Diorama- a valentine gift for the girl's bff. #pinterestHer eyes are insane (my sister's cat)

from top left to bottom right:
wahlburgers. lofthouse style cookies. JT choc chip cookies.
cookie exchange package. bread dough. finished product.
making mason jars usable. andes mint cookies. ripped my pants.
edible arrangement. love bird diorama. my sister's kitty.
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Britt said...

I was cursed with a birthday on the 12th!! Husband acts like VDAY is non existent now :)

Anonymous said...

wellllllllll Happy birthday to you lady! I'm also happily enjoying my 28th year :)

We always go big on V-day ....because my guy ...well.....his last name is VALENTIN (spanish for valentin..haha) so he thinks he OWNS this day...which is 150% fine by me. We actually got a babysitter ....however the flu has foiled my plans of romance with MR V. So he is making me Lobster soup and we are setting for a movie at home with the little valentins.

Hope you have an awesome evening!!

Sarah-Anne said...

well happy belated birthday, trina! seriously, your hubs is a keeper if he gets you present for BOTH holidays. loving his present...it's just so manly. and wooden. and saving the earth at the same time? mind blown.

lena said...

Happy Birthday! We share the same day. What's your name on instagram? I'd love to follow you.

t.bird said...

britt- curses is right!
erica- that is awesome. like, an epic last name! feel better!
lena- gracias! & happy birthday to you! my instagram name = lookatthebirds :)

Heather Rott said...

Happy Birthday! and helllooooo crotch shot. LOL!