Friday, February 17, 2012

how could you?!

a recent conversation that went down in our house:

me: "so when do our Girl Scout cookies come in? i can't even tell you how pumped i am to get my eat on!"
the husband: ::silence::
me: "hey, did you hear me? when do our Girl Scout cookies come in?"
the husband: "i heard you but...i actually forgot to order any..."
me: ::silence::
the husband: "hey, did you hear me? i said i forgot to order them..."
me: "i heard you but...what. the hell?!"

i could go on. but it got ugly & i think you get the gist. he even had the audacity to say: "well...we really don't need them anyway..."

WHAT?! i don't even know you anymore husband.

the thing is, he had not 1, but 2 opportunities to purchase cookies. 2 sweet little Girl Scout girls with boxes to spare. i even reminded him.

yes. i know i can go buy them at the entrance of any WalMart or grocery store, but hello- it's principle.
plus, it's a known fact that Girl Scout cookies taste better when you get them from a girl scout that you actually know. not from the stranger girl scouts that sell their wares on the street corner. those ones just make you feel dirty.

...already cursing yourself as you skulk to you car with 6 overpriced boxes of Thin Mints under your arm; looking around to make sure that on one is staring knowingly. speeding to your house while trying to rip open the boxes with 1 hand. feeling wickedly gluttonous as you inhale sleeve after frozen sleeve of chocolate covered minty crack...only to feel empty & ravenous 15 minutes later. you look longingly at the freezer & tell yourself: "just one more & i'll be done...i promise."


in fact, if i didn't want them so bad i'd say that the street corner selling should be illegal.

but it's not. thank goodness.

have a great weekend everyone- those of you who's husbands didn't forget to order GS Cookies- pour out a sleeve for me. homie.
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Marisol said...


Bridgett Nicolace-Bird said...

that's just legit insanity. and also. it's "principle", not "principal". the grammar police would be "mortified" if they read that. jk... had to do it. : )

Heather Rott said...

LOL! You're to freaking funny. I actually went in another door at the store today to avoid the GS cookie girls. My ass does not need those cookies

t.bird said...

B- what if i meant the leader of a middle school...? what? fail. fixed!

Sarah-Anne said...

I totally thought of you and this post when I considered buying some GS cookies from strangers.
For the record I didn't.

StephieAnne said...

I had to read the Thin Mints as crack paragraph aloud to my husband...we were rolling. I found your blog from the Rocky Road Slow Cooker Cake recipe floating around fun!

I've got a good ten years of age on you and it looks like my kids have that on your kids. I read your blog post a couple back (that involved the mall play place) and wow, did it take me back. I've thought a lot about all of the insecurity I had WAY back then - so often fostered by all of the other "mom friends" that I swore all had a better handle on the right "Growing Kids God's Way" to raise kids than I did (or at least THEY seemed to think they did). Good grief, did I waste too much time worrying...(and in no way am I suggesting that you are...just sad that I did!)

Nowadays, I spend a lot of time with college students and young adults as part of our church ministry. Again and again, what makes the difference between well-adjusted young adults, and ones struggling with all sorts of issues so often points right back to the parents - but, not because of all the germs at the mall playplace, whether they were breastfed for 2 months or 2 years, fed organic food - or allowed to eat with the "5 second rule" applied - it just comes down to whether the parents just cared....and loved them.

I bookmarked your blog....LOVE your transparency, photography, love for food - and of course, love for the Lord!

Anonymous said...

kick your husband...TWICE.....once for not getting the damn cookies....and a second he knows not to do it again....LOL