Thursday, February 23, 2012

a letter to brynn

Dear Brynn,

This morning, while i was changing your diaper before rushing off to work you started laughing, at God knows what, & peed all over my arm, the floor & a small section of my shoe.

That really wasn't cool. but i found it funny enough that i started laughing- & then quickly had to stop because i was afraid that i'd also pee myself (i blame you & your sister for this) which wouldn't be nearly as endearing & funny. sometimes being 28 sucks. not being able to pee yourself? what gives?

anyway. i just wanted you to know that. thankfully it was just pee- i don't think you'll ever best your sister though (at least i hope not). when she was a few weeks old she crapped in my mouth. remind me to tell you that story one day.



p.s. i think i'm going to start writing some letters to the girls on this here blog. normally when i see these letters on other blogs they are heartwearing & full of loving motherly advice. in fact, some of them make me tear up.

but that's not me- yo. i think you guys all know that. i mean, i feel it on the inside (no, my heart is not black & stone cold)- but putting it out there- yeah. i fail.

but i have a feeling the girls will enjoy the special memories i can type up- like them using me as a toilet. awesome.
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Anonymous said...

bwahahahaha i always wonder how the hell i can't type one of those letters...I mean I've tried...I feel it...but written down it looks like garbage.

and BTW my son also puke in my mouth ....not that chunky curdled milk puke....sorry TMI I know!

Marisol said...

I think i enjoy these type of letter more. The other style are great an all but these just feel so human and genuine in a way that makes me realize that having kids means all that warm fuzzy stuff plus pee. Love it!

mama foosa said...


please share that one.

and i like coming here for the laughs. not the tears.