Monday, January 30, 2012

because you care

here are a list of things i/we accomplished this past week/end:

- rented out our condo. this is big. paying 2 mortgages + paying for childcare is so very painful.
- got our taxes done. when our tax guy gave us our return amount we literally couldn't speak. & then we started grinning like fools. we made out like bandits. apparently paying said 2 mortgages & working 60 & 45 hours per week pays off.
- went to Wahlburgers. yeah that's right- the burger joint created by the Wahlberg brothers. we met up with friends & i was introduced to sweet potato tater tots & i am now trying to figure out how to justify driving an hour for more. it was way better than i expected. however Mark was not in attendance. pity.
- tried my hand at some Canon gear. i know, terrible right? i'm a Nikon lover- i've made it no secret. but said friends (ment'd above) shoot Canon & they have enough gear to make any Canon fan green with envy. so i tried it out...& it was so weird. awkward. all of those things i was expecting. i had a hard time wrapping my head (& hands) around how things worked. so i'm pretty sure i'll be sticking with Nikon forever. and ever.
- used the Shark Steam Mop for the 1st time. dear Lord- it's rather life changing. my floors...they sparkle with clean. & the only thing my floors usually sparkle with is glitter- so this is a big deal. i had so much fun steaming that i did the floors twice. 2 times. as in, i did work more than once. what is wrong with me?
- we bought a new couch. finally. after 7+ years. ours has come in contact with enough vomit, poop, pee, spills, crumbs...everything you can think of, that it's just not ok. plus, it's a huge sectional & we live in a tiny house with 2 toddlers. see? very needed. fare thee well old couch, you've served us well.
- i made enough cookie dough to feed a small army. it's true. 2 double batches of both chocolate chip & lofthouse style sugar cookies. all of the dough is currently sitting in my fridge because apparently it needs to "age" or what not. but tonight it's on. because some poor woman in another state is waiting, with baited breath no doubt, on cookies that i promised to send her via a cookie exchange. i still haven't got the cookies i was promised either, but i'm going to assume my sender procrastinated much like myself.
- i took lots of pictures. no i didn't. in fact, i haven't picked up my camera for personal use in forever. i feel uninspired & tired & guilty & blah. i think it's a combination of this wedding i'm editing & the crappy weather. perhaps if this was the only thing i had to do...but alas.
- realized i desperately need to update this blog header. but didn't. but i will. eventually.

i'm sure there's more- but things are already fuzzy because, hello- it's monday.
but i aim to get back to my almost daily posting with some pictures soon. because i like that better & you probably do too.
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Faren said...

What Wahlburgers!!! Um , I may have slight crush on Mark and now going there is going on my bucket list.:) I'm happy to hear you made out like bandits this tax season!

Care said...

oohh ive been wanting a steam mop, so it's life changing?! and what is this whalburger? can I eat a bite of mark? yumm

lena said...

Obsessed with the Shark!