Monday, March 21, 2011

stuff & things

this is going to be a random spattering of stuff & thing that i feel you need to know.

- thanks to coupon clipping- i've enjoyed FREE Fruit & Maple Oatmeal from McDonald's every day last week & today. would i dish out $2 for it? no- but i'll dish out $0.

- i'm 99% sure that new Katy Perry song ('Extraterrestrial') is going to be on the Breaking Dawn soundtrack. it's, like, perfect.

- both girls are battling snotty noses & i feel that this is very unfair since we're on the cusp of spring. i'd like to take this up with someone.

- i spend quite a bit of time pulling apart my split ends. so much time, in fact, that even the husband tells me to knock it off. when your husband, who probably wouldn't even notice if i shaved my head, tells you to "stop playing with your split ends!"- it's time for a trim.

- dude, i just found an epic split end. when your splits end's split end's have split ends- it's time for more than a trim.
thinking about it...i'm actually kind of mortified to even have a professional see how bad my hair is. omg.

- speaking of the word "mortified"- i once used this word in general conversation. the husband & his brother quickly jumped on me & were like:

them: "you were mortified? how does that even make sense? how were you dead?"
me: ::blink blink::
them: "well?"
me: "...what the hell are you talking about?!"
them: "mortified means dead. like, you're mortified as in dead & in a mortuary."
me: "OMG NO IT DOES NOT! bwahahaha!" (literally, i 'bwahahaha'd')
them: "um, yes it does. it only makes sense. you're a woman & you're stupid & we are men & we're the most smartest thing to walk the earth." (literally, they said that)
me: "ok- let's google it then."

now we all know what google says:
"To cause to experience shame, humiliation, or wounded pride; humiliate"

however, in their defense:
Pathology: "To undergo mortification; become gangrenous or necrosed."

them: " see how we could be confused."
me: " no, no i do not! both of you shut up forever. i'm actually mortified for you."

done. it was an epic exchange- and to this day i still bring it up in family conversations. also, when in their presence, i use the word "mortified" as much as humanly possible. moving on.

- i went to The Melting Pot this weekend for my bff's birthday. this is the second time within 3 weeks and i consumed a disgusting amount of cheese & chocolate.
...then i came home & made myself a grilled cheese. i was still hungry!

- i have taken about 2 pictures of the girls within the last week. unacceptable. but in my defense- this working mom of 2 thing is sort of hard. and time consuming. and hard. and oh, so tiring.

- when the husband asked (for the 3rd night in a row) "what's for dinner?"- i responded with "YOUR ASS!"- to which he responded "umm...ok. i'll have cereal."

- i felt bad about the above comment so i made dinner the next 3 nights, and i made today's dinner yesterday afternoon. all is forgiven.

- bryn is still sleeping in the R&P Sleeper next to our bed & i'm actually worried because i have no idea how to switch her to her crib. none. zip. zero. she's never slept in her crib. yiiikes.

- i feel like this entry is really boring without pictures- but i seriously don't have any. sorry.

- i just sat here for 10 minutes trying to think of something witty to say- i've got nothing.
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Desi said...

I think I would feel the same way. I can't imagine juggling everything that you juggle. However, you do a wonderful job! I love when I prove my husband gives me great joy. So, good for you. Also, how have I never been to the melting pot. I need to go asap.

E said...

When I first went back to work I didn't take any pictures of my girls for three weeks. I can totally relate!

The only way I manage to get dinner on the table is by cooking three big meals on Sunday, which we eat throughout the week. I applaud you for being able to cook after work with two kids!!!

desi said...

you done a superb job...good

Sarah-Anne said...

dude, this post? is awesome. with or without pics. ;)

Carol said...

The mortification conversation could have totally happened in my house. Hilarious!

Diana @Hormonal Imbalances said...

However, this was like the funniest post ever. I literally died at the split ends and mortification part.

I usually hate to click on a blog with music, but the first song you have playing on here just always fits with your blog so well that I actually turn it up. :)

Sarah said...

Not boring at all. I've had a similar exhange with my husband over his mispronunciation of the word "ruckus." He used to say "RUT-KISS." Now we both say it that way just for fun. I hope I don't slip and say rut-kiss during a job interview or some other equally embarrassing moment.

jenn said...

love this post! even without the pics! the mortified story is hilarious...and i do the same dang thing if i notice my split ends...on split ends...on split ends! ugggg