Wednesday, March 23, 2011

not enough time

with the arrival of spring i figured warmer weather & better lighting would be in my immediate future (you know, good for picture taking).

sadly- neither of the above are anywhere to be found.
instead we got 3 inches of snow & weather dipping into the 30's.

i really don't approve. but i managed to get some shots of the girls. barely. these are like, grabyourcameraandsimplystartshootingbecauseit'sbeenlikeaweekalready pictures. meh.

but first- some pictures of my weekend indulgence:


none of the above asses belong to me. i am no longer in posession of an ass because my children took it with them (along with my youth & flat stomach) on their departure from my womb.


i wanted to down this. but i'm a breastfeeding mother whos child demands milk at ALL times- so i refrained.


as you can see, the birthday girl was clearly entertained- and not by us. kids today.

my Blackberry is currently covered in drool & smears of grape jelly- courtesy of my toddler who likes to "talk" on the phone.


do you see that plate of heaven? i had to restrain myself from stabbing the other girls with my fondue fork when they reached over to grab some. afterall- it was for all of us. to share. damnit.

i love cheese & chocolate. this is the truth.

the next day we purchased a potty for alex- she been telling me when she's poopy & she likes to "wipe" herself (even when she has pants on still- yeah) so we figured it was time.

the husband put it together & let her have at it. i'm not sure she understands all of the logistics- because this is what i walked in on:



poor elmo.

brynn simply watched this go down...


all the while filling her diaper & swing seat with her foul mustard poop. thank you.

which resulted in me having to take the time to wash it & hang it from our shower rod:


oh snap.

i got home yesterday to a rather sporty looking little girl- whith mile high hair:


she loves her fruit in a pouch.

...and watching tv while standing in random spots:



i managed to squeeze in dinner & baths before the stupid Fresh Beat Band came on- and both girls gave me a few minutes to sit. that's all- sit. and watch them.


(i promise i don't leave brynn in that chair all by her lonesome self. what kind of mother would i be?)

so there. that's something at least. perhaps this weekend will afford me time to drag the girls outdoors & annoy them with my picture taking. perhaps.

and now i'm starving- and considering McD's for lunch- but who am i kidding? i'm far to lazy to get up- get in my car- drive to McD's- order- drive back..yeah. no.

plus i'm cheap. so i guess i'll eat pretzels. because i forgot my lunch. damnit.
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Sarah-Anne said...

ha, pretzels sounds great to me. wanna share?! ;)

Ryan V. said...

lol it's ok if the pictures aren't perfect or posed. You will still love them in a few years and when you're 50. and forever. Update us on how back to work life is going...what's your schedule like? and how's the nanny thing going? :)

Desi said...

mmmmm I love pretzels, but really who am I kidding. What I really love is salt. I had to wash liv's swing cover a few times...not fun, but suprisingly easy to take apart and put back together again...I was afraid I was gonna shrink it and not be able to stretch it back on.

Desi said...

I need to let you know that your last word verfication was "dikes"....where did that come from? ha.

Anonymous said...

1 more episode of fresh beats and I might hang myself! otherwise great pics ....girles are adorable as always!

Jen said...

you have to share how you got Alex to eat those fruit pouches? i am trying to get Reese to "try it" but she shakes her head and won't even attempt. I think Reese is about the same age as Alex (1.5 years old)....we also have a picky eater! :(

as always love your blog! :) jen

Carol said...

Love your narrative! My 2 year old loves those pouch things still. Sometimes that is what I "serve" for dinner along with ritz crackers...hey, a workin' momma has to do what a workin' momma has to do!

Mrs. D said...

Your commentary cracks me up. & the pictures of the girls are so sweet. My personal fav, though? The one of Alex telling Elmo to sit on the potty. HAHA!!!

t.bird said...

SA: i ate them all & went & got McD's- ha!
Ryan: good call- i'll have to do an update post!
Desi: ...nice. ha!
Erica: right?! no one can be that freaking happy all the time- NO ONE!
Jen: we opened it & squeezed it into her mouth mid scream- i think it shocked her into liking them! ha!
Carol: yes- last night's dinner = oatmeal, a cheese stick & Doritos. oy!
MrsD: yuo should hear her- she's SO BOSSY! ha!

Tamara said...

Thanks to you it's 9am and I want nothing more than dessert from the Melting Pot, lol! So delicious!

The girls are getting cuter by the day, if that's even possible!