Friday, March 4, 2011

our friday

fridays are lazy days. actually- many of our days = lazy days. mainly for me. mom. who doesn't get dressed if she doesn't have to.

let me prove it.


hot, no?


now, i know some of you may be jealous of my penguin pajama pants & my cat hair covered fleece jacket- but calm yourselves. you can attain this look as well with careful lack of grooming & searches into the very back of your dresser drawers.

all of you can look this fabulous. i promise.

but enough about me. lets me on to what my girls do all day:


brynn desperately tries to escape the confines of the Bumbo


however, she cannot. so she takes her frustration out on the helpless toys that are within her reach. then she screeches & i haul her into my lap for some milk- which brings an instant look of satisfaction to her face:


"milk you say? for me you say?!"




"Mother... ::sigh::"

she eats. poops. spits up and then sleeps. it's very predictable.

and then there's alex. or some kind of child tornado. i'm not sure what she is right now. because this is what i catch her doing:


first- tiptoeing. she's figured out that people tip toe when they're trying to be quiet- it's hilarious how sneaky & smart she is.

and then she goes nuts- and starts doing things she thinks she's seen on the Fresh Beat Band (freaking Twist & his antics):



i know that looks like it may have taken a long while- but it didn't. i'm pretty sure she did all of that within 6.3 seconds.

then she ran off to stick her hand under the dripping bathtub faucet. a soaking wet sleeve is very fascinating i'll have you know.

and then she brushed her teeth (random)- ripped a piece of paper into 1500 pieces , barged in on me going to the bathroom & declared that i was "YUCKY!!!!"

thanks kid. nap time.

and now here i sit- typing this up & trying to pick cat hair off of my jacket. and telling the dogs to lie down- and gaining weight simply watching barefoot contessa make some sort of amazing dessert...and talk about all her gay male friends who love good cheese, fine wine & telling her how awesome she is.
why does she get them all? where is my awesome gay friend? WHERE?!

i guess i'll have to make do with my darling toddler who tells me how "yucky" i am.

happy friday!
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Anonymous said...

love the penguin pjs!!

Kim said...

a.) Ohmygosh Brynn is old enough for the Bumbo already! Insanity!

b.) Twist with his foot in the bucket of wallpaper glue (or whatever the Hell it was?) Mmmhmm. Twist the caveman, creeps me out.

Melissa said...

I love the look the dog is giving on the couch. hilarious. your blog is great =)

Mamasita said...

1st things first - love the pj look and I would take that over normal clothes ANYDAY! :-)
2nd I am fairly certain that our daughters would get along extremely well - the toddler stage is like letting a tazmanian devil loose! AHHHHHH!!!
:-) Happy Friday - I am going to go get my pj's on!

Sarah-Anne said...

it took all i had to not put on another pair of yoga pants today. i knew i shouldn't of for this reason: we would've been PJ buddies. awesome!
happy friday!

Jess said...

You totally crack me up. And, seriously, you need to find yourself a gay best friend riiiigggghhhttt now. They are the best.
Have fun in your penguin pjs :)

Stephanie said...

Ha! That's when twist gets his foot stuck in a bucket. My kiddo liked to have loco legs. As if he needed another reason to fall, he would kick his "uncontrollable" legs around.

jenn said...

you crack me up!
your kids are adorable!
looks like a perfect friday to me...i was in my husbands 2xx sweatshirt and pink heart fuzzy pj pants all day too!
watching my 13 month old "tornado" do her work with her toys here in the living room, now its 10pm...and i dont think im going to "straighten up" tonight...i will just leave all the toys tornado style...ready for tomorrow!

Mitzi G. said...

your girls are the epitome of cuteness!!!

I have been wanting to ask you but always forget; what camera & lenses do you use for the majority of your photos?? Thank you!!

Carolyn said...

Cool blog! Your babies are wonderful!
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