Thursday, March 24, 2011

spring closet cleaning = Coach bags!

it's time for some spring cleaning. of my closet. specifically- bags.

(i also have my eye on the most awesome wall coat rack for Alex's room. it's literally perfect. PERFECT! i was gung ho on buying it until i saw the price tag- erm. yeah. wow.

this is the most expensive wall coat rack i've ever considered buying. for a child's room. what is wrong with me?

but i've decided i simply must have it- i MUST!)

so- i'm selling some Coach bags & wallets. wait, did i just say that?! oh my. yes- i did.

i love my Coach bags. i treat them well & purchase them more often than i need to. and when i can't justify a purchase for myself- i purchase for a friend. nice huh? you want to be my friend right? you should. i'm awesome that way.

so without further dudes- here's what's up:

bag: 2008 Large Madeline Signature Tote- Brown (& matching wallet)
dimensions: 14"L x 5"W x 9 1/4"H; 7 3/4"
price: $300 or BO (for both the bag & wallet)



this bag/wallet is in such good condition- i only used it for a few months & then i moved on to another bag & it's been sitting in the closet ever since (i'm sorry Madeline)

i really loved this bag- you can get an idea of the size from the above picture. it's actually big enough that i considered using it as a purse/minimal babybag - but i never did.

both the bag & wallet are brown with a pink liners (fabric liner in the bag & leather in the wallet)
both are very clean & show minimal wear & tear (as you can see from the above pictures)

it seriously looks almost as good as the day i got it. i can prove it- here's a picture from the day i got it:

(excuse the dog cage & pee pad in the background. this was before i was aware of picture taking etiquette)

see? told you!

the only thing missing is that bow- and it was annoying so no worries.

this bag comes with the silk Coach dust bag & a bottle of Coach Cleaner:


(as you can see- brynn was invited to this picture party)

bag original retail price: $498
wallet original retail price: $198

your price: $300 or BO

next up:

bag: Signature Demi Pouch (& matching wallet)
dimensions: 8 (L) x 5 1/8 (H) x 2 (W)
price: $125 or BO (for both the bag & wallet)


i can honestly say this bag is all but brand new. i can literally count on 1 hand the number of times i actually used it. i think the number is 3- for real.

this was my first Coach bag & i quickly moved on to something bigger (because that's what happens people!) and i haven't used it since.

this is a Coach Original Collection so it still sells on their website: Coach Originals (though i don't think the wallet is for sale anymore)

it's a great size for going out to dinner or dancing (um...what?) or girls night or whatever it is that people do these days.

it comes with the white silk Coach dust bag.

bag original retail price: $148
wallet original retail price: $48
your price: $125 or BO

and there you go! if you're interested in either bag you can shoot me an email @

like i said- asking price or best offer. i'm pretty open to whatever. i priced them out based on what i saw on ebay & etc so they seem more than fair (since i'm including the wallets as well)
but if i'm way off base then feel free to let me know!

i purchase all my Coach bags from actual Coach Stores so everything is legit. the bags have serial #'s which i can give you if needed. i'm a bag snob- you can trust me. pretty promise.

if i can't get them to new homes via this post then i'll try Craigslist- and if that fails, my younger sisters might be getting some early Christmas presents. i'm pretty sure they have their fingers crossed for that.

happy spring cleaning!

(p.s. comments are off because i want to handle any questions- etc via email. alrighty!)
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