Wednesday, March 30, 2011

our schedule

here's what my days/weeks look like:

Mon: 4:15am- wake up, feed & dress brynn, throw clothes on, gather baby bags & lunch, strap brynn into her carseat, the husband loads everything into his truck & then grabs a still sleeping alex & deposits her into her carseat.

they're out the door by 5am (on their way to my mother's)

i putz around (laundry, dishes, cleaning) until 6am & then head to work.

6:30-4:00- i work.

4:00- i drive 45 min to get the girls at my mothers. i load them into my jeep, toss bags in the back & head home.

5:45- i'm home. i unload bags- put things away & then unload the girls.

6-7pm- i try & get dinner into alex, feed brynn, give baths, change diapers, read books, watch Nick Jr- etc etc.

7pm- the husband gets home

7:30pm- we put alex to bed

7:45pm- i put brynn to bed (if that is her wish)

8pm- we watch House & maybe Intervention.

8:30- i pump

8:45pm- i put everything together for the next day (pump, lunches, clothing, diapers- etc etc) 9pm- bed time (usually)

Tues- Thurs: (the husband has left the house by 5:15)

5:45am- i'm up, brynn is usually still asleep & alex always is, i throw clothing on & brush my teeth. i load everything into my jeep (pump, lunch- etc)

6:15am- i bring the laundry upstairs & make sure everything is in order (if brynn is awake i feed her & dress her)

6:30am- the nanny & her daughter arrive. she snags brynn & i finish up whatever.

6:35am- i head out the door

7am-4pm- i work.

4:30pm- i get home & spends a few minutes discussing the day & giving kisses. we say goodbye to Kelly Beth (nanny) & her daughter & alex watched Yo Gabba Gabba while i feed brynn & whip up her dinner

5pm- alex eats. i change brynn. i try & scrounge up dinner. 5:30pm-6:30- baths (if needed), diapers, jammies, juice/milk- trying to explain to an 18 month old why dripping milk onto my couch cushions is NOT ok- etc etc

6:30-7pm- Nick Jr & waiting for daddy (while i try & finish up dinner)

7-7:30pm- husband is home, plays with alex, off to bed

7:45pm- brynn. bed.

8-9: eating, pumping, packing, showers- etc etc. 9pm- bed


5:15am- i get up, get brynn fed & dressed. toss bags in the car. get dressed, brush teeth, inhale OJ- etc etc

6am- i put a sleeping alex into her carseat and we head out (brynn is in the car as well- of course)

6:20am- drop the girls off at my mother in laws- stay & chat till about 6:50ish

7-5pm- i work.

5pm- i pick up the girls & get home around 5:45

6-7pm- see above. all the same. food, diapers, Nick Jr, dinner- etc etc

7-8pm- play with daddy time! late night (hello friday), off to bed.

8pm- brynn goes to bed. i collapse on the couch.

8:30- pump. consider going to bed. consider acting like an adult & staying up past 9. 9pm- pass out ont he couch- get awoken by the husband."GO TO BED!"

10pm- crawl into bed.

Sat & Sun:

sweet weekend relief. we get up around 7- we laze about, or run errands, get breakfast, debate activites- etc etc. we have started going to church (finally) so we're out of the house by 8 on sundays. we still squeeze in all the things we cannot get to during the week- but i try not to do too much. we're in bed by 9 on Sun in prep for Monday.

Things that help:

- i put everything together the night before. lunches- bottles- clothing- everything i can.

- Kelly Beth: having a nanny saves my sanity. 3 days a week i don't have to rush or worry about anything. she handles the girls & naps & feedings & changing & snuggles - etc etc. she folds laundry & washes dishes- she is a lifesaver.

- the husband hangs with alex once he gets home- it give me about 20 min to focus on miss brynn.

- going to bed early. i simply have to. no choice.

so it's pretty good. Mon & Fri are earlier days but 2 out of 7 isn't bad. brynn doesn't STTN so i do bring her to bed between 1-2am. she nurses & falls back asleep (in our bed) she's a good sleeper & even if she does wake up- a quick nursing session puts her back out.

alex has always STTN (minus 1-2 wakeups for a paci or something) but if she does wakeup then the husband takes care of it.

and i think that about sums it up. i still feel rushed & tired- but not nearly as much as last year. having a nanny come to the house 3x per week is worth every.single.penny. amen.

my biggest accomplishment is actually making it to church. we haven't been in SO FREAKING LONG! i'll admit- we are lazy on Sundays. but i knew we needed to get back into worship & such- so we've found a church that we (so far) LOVE & they have a great kids program so i am 100% satisfied with the girls being well taken care of while we focus on absorbing the sermon.

we took communion this past week. it felt amazing- i haven't taken communion in years (yeesh). i really want to dive in & find a bible study as well- but baby steps. 7:30pm on a Wed night is simply not do-able right now. but we'll see.

so yes- there you have it. a week in our lives. or rather, every week in our lives.
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Britt said...

That exhausted me just reading that. THEN I realized it looks alot like my life :)

Women have superpowers... seriously...

Carol said...

Your Mon & Fridays are KILLER. Ouch. I have a hard time rolling out of bed by 6:45. But, you do what you have to do, and you guys are workin' it - awesome. Sadly, one of the driving factors for me to get to church on Sunday - an hour kid free. Yes, I love my Lord and look forward to the sermons, but at this stage in parenthood - I really look forward to the kid free time too!

Sarah-Anne said...

holy busy schedule, batman!! glad to hear you're still alive and kicking after that one. :)

Ryan V. said...

Wowza!! I'm exhausted just reading that! Good thing you go to bed early! You guys work a lot! But still get time with your girls! I was a nanny for a 3y.o and a 5m.o when we lived in Utah and the mom worked at home but said having a nanny was such a lifesaver! Do you think it's cheaper than daycare? I can guarantee the care is better with a nanny! I used to work at a daycare/learning center and there were so many kids that they didn't get the attention they needed. Glad you have found a schedule that's working!

Short Leg Lucy said...

woman, you're super mom!

MarMat said...

haha I totally understood the Friday "consider acting like an adult & staying up past 9".
You are a mom now, adult comes later. waaaaay later.

Anonymous said...

busy beeeees. totally with you on feeling like a baby going to bed early.

Crich said...

So glad the nanny is working out! I can not fathom that last year you did your Mon/Fri schedule EVERY DAY. Sonia

Sara said...

Wow! That is quite the schedule. It breaks my heart how little time your poor husband has with the girls (especially Alex) during the week before bed. Working sucks! I don't know how you (as the Mom) do it all!

jenn said...

after reading this post, i need a nap! and this will be my life when baby #2 comes along to join big sister finley who will be 18-19 months old!!! i may need to print this out to try to structure my life!!!!;-)

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