Thursday, January 27, 2011

in other news

the husband brought alex something back from florida- a magnetic monkey. it's fitting, because he calls her his little monkey.

i now find, said magnetic monkey, stuck to the most random things. for example:


why hello mr. monkey


how's it hangin'? ok lame. but it's funny.

apparently brynn doesn't mind her sleeping place being invaded- for she sleeps on:


i can only imagine what her tiny mind is contemplating.

"to wake or to sleep? that is the question..."

usually she decides to awaken- with help from this one (who screams at very high decibels for absolutely no reason other than the fact that she can):


shirt/dress: gift
shirt: Target
leggings: Target
socks: Old Navy
shoes: See Kai Run

(now, i'm not one for character clothing. in fact, i dread the day alex starts begging for Dora & Elmo shirts. but this kid worships Kai Lan & this was a gift from my mother. so how can i say no?)


i simply can't. plus, it's actually pretty cute. the shirt is way too big- so it's currently a dress.




she's obsessed with these shoes. velcro- un velcro- velcro- un velcro...

oh- and guess what else she can do now:


this. climb up on the couch. all by her little self.
do you see the look of fear on max's face? it's because he realizes he is no longer safe. anywhere.

i mentioned that she likes to climb up & then simply walk off, right? because she does. how am i supposed to keep up with that?
she looks for ways to break bones.

i've resorted to putting pillows & beanbags in front of the couch. they cushion the falls. many, many falls.

thankfully the above kamikaze child is down for a nap- and #2 is asleep in my arms- so it's safe to sit down & do something productive.

an by that i mean catch up on Teen Mom 2 & The Jersey Shore.

Jenelle makes me look like the world's best mom & Snookie makes me look hot. it's a win win.
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Anonymous said...

u are so funny! Alex is like my kid Sofia ....a walking tornado/hurricane....or something similar!

AND omg Jeanelle you really not understand why your mom wants your kids???? I think I should get "mom of the year" too compared to this girl!

Anonymous said...

kids...i meant kid ....but yeah ....duh

and oh i forgot Snookie mess!

lynn.marie said...

Oh my goodness, Gabrielle does the SAME thing! She has an Anywhere Chair from Pottery Barn Kids, and will climb up on it.......and then just walk off of it and fall! Hubs and I just look at each other like our kid is psycho!

Carol said...

Ha! That last line is hilarious because it is TRUE! What is it with toddler's and death moves? Mine likes to lean all the way over the back of the couch until I'm sure she will topple head first over it, and then she pushes herself back and laughs...that is so not funny!

Desi said...

haha! I have the same feelings towards characters on Liv's clothing...however, her aunt and uncle just came home with an elmo hooded sweatshirt and pj' there was no fighting it. Also, Jenelle makes me feel pretty good about myself too!

Britt said...

Two of my favorite shows too! And probably for the same reasons!! Your girls are way too cute!

Her Momma said...

what a cute lil monkey! all three of them. ;)

Mrs.F said...

I just died at your last comment... because it's so true for all of us HA!

Mrs. V said...

My little niece loves kai lan! She is half japanese and her brother's name is kai. lol

The picture of brynn sleeping is precious. She is gorgeous, just like her big sister.

It's funny how she gets her little self up on the couch. Hope she doesn't get hurt though!

Anonymous said...

These pictures are adorable. And trust me, anyone could be World's Best Mom compared to that train wreck of a mom, even Amber from the original teen mom!

The Sweetest Life

Monkey said...

Man, oh man, Alex is just too cute and adorable for words. And Brynn is beautiful...look at her eyebrows! They're perfect!

Lea said...

You ARE the hottest, best mom, duh!
Brynn is adorable as always. Alex, too! So exciting that she is able to get up on the couch all by herself! (Even if she needs a pillow and blanket crash pad)


Sarah-Anne said...

the dog's face?! priceless. poor pup!
your girls are so. adorable. and, duh, you're hot too, mama! don't need no snookie to feel that way. :)

Ingrid said...

Love the Kai-Lan shirt! Avery has mastered climbing the couch and just this week learned how to slide down. Not fun for me.