Wednesday, February 2, 2011

corn dogs are a-ok

allow me to show you alex's discovery of corn dogs:




the mere fact that a stick was involved, basically guaranteed her immediate interest- but once she realized that there was a hot dog on said stick- it was love.









"alex, are you done...?"






"mamma- yummmm! NICE!"

it took her about an hour, but she finished the entire thing (minus 1 or 2 bites stolen by me. when it comes to corn dogs i'm like a 5 year old.)

now i know some of you may be asking, "omg, you let your kid eat hot dogs?! and corn dogs?! nitrates & preservatives & sugar & random animal parts?! OMG!"

and the answer is, yes. yes i do.

because hot dogs are awesome and they're not going to kill her. and corn dogs are even better because there is a hot dog + corn bread. so it's a win win.

and there you go. but if it makes you feel any better, she eats fruits & broccoli like it's going out of style. and oatmeal- the kid adores her oatmeal. so i feel we've got a fair balance.

brynn, on the other hand, only drinks mom's milk. and she's already more than 1/2 of alex's size:





she's already in 3-6 month clothing & things that alex was wearing at 3 months are already too small. keep in mind- she's not even 2 months old yet. she's a tank. who spits up & entices cessna to lick her clean:



i try my best to keep the dog's mouths away from our mouths- but there are times where it's inevitably going to happen. they only have so much self control & spit up is a delicacy. and i'm only so fast.

and that's whats up.

in other news:
- we hired our nanny. did i already mention that? did i also mention that she costs more than our mortgage?! yeah- baffling to me.
- it's snowing. again. lots of inches. i'm over it.
- brynn is in cloth diapers now & i'm just not feelin' it. i was pretty gung ho with alex- but i'm tired. and stuffing diapers is the last thing i want to do. plus, brynn pees/poos ALL THE TIME and it's getting really old.
- our chest freezer is FULL of my milk. this is a problem because i'm out of room- so we have no choice but to purchase another one. asap.

and lastly...

- i've been considering a mini van. i can't even believe i just said that. don't tell my husband- he might leave me. but my God- mini vans are so roomy & comfy & better on gas...i'm resisting so far- but i find my eyes wandering whilst driving.

i see those moms in their vans- they smugly look over at me and i can tell they're laughing inside. why? because they swallowed their pride & purchased a comfort machine that allows easy access to their children, incredible amounts of room & the option to carpool without taking out a second mortgage for gas.

and here i am- in my tank (that i do love), cursing the man as i once again am bending over at the gas station.
that's right Shell, Mobile & Irving- i'm back for more. do what you want with me.

Lord help me.
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Nicole said...

a hot dog here and there never killed anyone!! I only have one kid but I'm not sure I could jump on the mini van band wagon, maybe a hybrid suv though!
I have been SO SO SO wanting to get my dd out of daycare and would love to hire a nanny but I don't know if I could do it just off of the internet and an interview, I would need a nanny cam to spy on her, I'm crazy like that.

Laura said...

I gave my little guy his first corndog last night! He LOVED it too! Like you said,'s all about balance.

Tabitha said...

I actually want a min-van someday, but I'm in the minority :)
Is that a micro fiber insert for a cloth diaper underneath her head? Do you cloth diaper? It looks just like the inserts to the BumGenius 4.0 stash that I'm slowely growing...
Oh, and corndogs are good. Seriously.

Jill said...

I couldn't get past the first 3 pictures without drooling on my desk... that looks so good! Mama needs a corn dog! That or a county fair to roll in... Darn it!

t.bird said...

Tabitha: yes it is! we use BG 3.0 AIO (all in ones)

i do love BG- but i totally suggest going with the snaps over the velcro- velcro gets cruddy after hundreds of washes.

i need new ones- or maybe some hemp inserts to control the mass amounts of pee...heh.

Desi said...

Liv would absolutely LOVE a corndog! She loves hot dogs and ketchup...I need to let her try one. I never even thought of it!

ps. I secretly want a minivan also.

Erica said...

Damn you for making me crave a corn dog at lunch time !!!! and there are none in sight! LOL

Brynn looks so much like Alex ! Cant wait to see her get bigger!

Britt said...

Corn dogs rock and minivans are the new trend... go for it girl!

Alyssa said...

My 7 week old (son) is 13 lbs.

My 16 MONTH old (daughter) is 19 lbs.

He's in 6-9 month stuff and she's in 12 month stuff. WHOA.

Katherine, Jerrod and Elizabeth said...

My daughter is 16 months old and loves corn dogs too. There's nothing wrong with them. She is also a veggie eater too.
Elizabeth is in 2T clothes too. Love reading your blog. The girls are way too cute.

Emily said...

Emerson eats a hot dot pretty much once a week. No worries mama!

Tabitha said...

I had no idea you used cloth, now you are officially my hero! :) I have a stash of about 12 BG 4.0's right now (ALL snaps), and a set of 6 AFFF (Artsy Farsty Foo Foo) hemp inserts to add to the microfiber inserts at nightime for extra dryness. I've been researching forever, and these really are the best hemp inserts. I want to get a few more sets of six. I tried these combo's on my 7month old heavy wetter and they worked like rockstars (just a 4.0 during the day, and 4.0 stuffed with an extra AFFF for overnight)

Tabitha said...

Uh, nephew I mean. My 7 month old heavy wetter NEPHEW.

Mrs. V said...

I don't even like hot dogs or corn dogs for that matter and don't have beef with you giving your child one! If I recall, you're supposed to be fattening her up anyway right? I just think a corn dog here and there won't hurt a thing! My husband grew up on hot dogs and mac n cheese because his mom didn't make him eat vegetables and he turned out just fine! haha Tall and skinny at that. I just love Alex's pretty blue eyes by the way! And I'm wondering...does cloth diapering save LOTS of money or just a tad? I've always thought about trying it when we make a wee baby.

Juani said...

I'm sorry,but if corndogs are wrong,then I don't want to be right!

You could totally make a mini van seem cool.It's all about the attitude with which you drive it.

Also,I'm pretty sure doggie saliva is quite good for the skin.For sure :)

t.bird said...

Tabitha- ah yes. i started when alex first came along- it's weirdly fun!

i'll say that i've always loved my BG's- but i just realized that all the PUL is gone from them- so they're no longer waterproof. i'm pretty bummed because they're basically worthless now.
my advice is to really follow the directions on them & try not to strip them with vinegar or bleach & never use fabric softeners.
i never used softeners but i would strip with bleach.vinegar in an effort to get the stink out. i'm guessing thats what killed my PUL. google lies!
and microfiber can REALLY hold stink in- hemp doesn't (so i'm told) so make sure to clean your microfiber with a good soak in RockinGreen soap.

um um um- i'm going to look into some AI2's like Flips, Grovia & etc. the idea of not having to stuff diapers is very appealing- the snapping seems so much easier!

12 is a good start- keep building! i think we worked with about 25 or so & i had to wash them every other day to keep up (we used sposies @ night because alex was weirdly picky)
I'll look into the hemp inserts you suggested- they sound primo!
and HA- i was like- whaaat? a 7 month old?! where have i been!?!? ha!

t.bird said...

Mrs V- A LOT. if you never use sposies then yeah- you're dropping about $4-500 off the bat for the cloth, but you save big time over the course of 2+ years.

and washing them isn't bad- minimal costs (electric bill or what not)

we use sposies too- so we spent more, but i'd say we saved a buttload! we bought sposies maybe 1x every 2 months or so. so like $20 every 2 months!

Katie said...

have you introduced alex to the wonder of chicken nuggets?

Diana @Hormonal Imbalances said...

Honestly, I love corn dogs so much. I want one now.

And I always swore I would never, ever have a minivan. But then I drove one for a while as a nanny. And now?


Tabitha said...

Do it! AI2's are great, I also have 2 Flip covers (w/ 6 stay dry microfiber inserts) and 4 grovia shells (w/9 snap in inserts) and tried them all on my nephew and loved them too. The Flips were perfect (I have NO complaints, loved them!) and The GroVias were amazing too, but they are mesh on the inside instead of wipable like the Flips, so when my nephew took a huge dump it got into the mesh and I couldn't just wipe it out and snap in a new insert, I ended up having to wash the whole thing every time just like pocket diapers. And they take longer to dry...but I still love them nonetheless. :)
And yes, I plan on doing maternity photos, but I'm not sure when. I don't want to be swollen and bloated, but I want to look more pregnant, I'm thinking 34 weeks or so? Six weeks from now...goodness!

SweetPea said...

Mind if I borrow one of your dogs? We have an excess of spit up over here that I would like help cleaning up!!!

And Avery is bigger than Emilia was at this stage too. She's a chub and a half and some 3-6 month clothes are getting a little tight!

And shush...don't tell my husband either but I kinda want a minivan too. I'm ashamed!

Anonymous said...

Ha about the mini van. I feel ya! I thought for sure my mommy friends were on crack when they traded their Lexises and Land Rovers for the odessay but, boy am I jealous of their ability to carpool, save on gas, remote sliding doors, and As I am currently searching for a new ride to tote around my youngins, I've been looking at the mini van (sigh)

Lea said...

I have never had a corn dog, but they sure do look tasty! Alex's hair is getting so long! Brynn is such a mini Alex...both of your daughters are just so beautiful!

And I agree about the cloth diapers. I only have one pair with velcro appliques and I am already regretting the purchase bc of the wear and tear due to washes. Oh well! Snaps all the way!

Kim said...

Using that microfiber insert there to protect the rug? Genius. I never thought of that. And my last two spit up/vomited SO.MUCH. That would have been incredibly helpful. I adore my minivan. ADORE. I have 3 kids, so I cannot imagine how else I'd do it, but the automatic doors, the room for gear, the dvd player (oh yeah, we totally did), I love it all.

Jessica@The Southern Belle Baby said...

Mini van? ::shudders:: Watch me have twins and have to get one, too, LOL. Seriously though, they have those doors that open on a remote, and that my friend, is sheer genius.

I love cloth, but no lie, it's something you have to really want to do to make it work. And you've already done it once, so I don't blame you for feeling burnt out on it! It's a lot of freaking work to stuff those suckers when you're already tired and busy! Def share if you try out some hybrid systems, please!!