Monday, January 10, 2011

brynn is 1 month old


brynn is 1 month old today. holy crap. how?

she focuses (mostly)- she SMILES- she makes random noises (which is adorable)- she's more awesome every day.
she still refuses to sleep anywhere besides on me at night (she even snubs her nose at the Rock & Play Sleeper which is supposed to magically make my child sleep through the night...FAIL) but that's ok. we'll work on it.

and because it's only fair- alex:


someone decided to chow down on a bright blue crayon. delish.
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Desi said...

Happy one month bday Brynn! I can't believe she is already one month old either. I choked on my coke zero when I read that :)

Aly said...

Your girls are beautiful! You are blessed.

Sarah-Anne said...

look at the hair flip! OMG, it's bringing bakc memories... :)
happy one month birthday brynn! seems like i was reading the post in which you were born just days ago!

J.Mo said...

Happy one month Brynn!! Alex is too much with that crayon mouth!! Your little ladies are too cute!

Mommy needs her chocolate said...

Beautiful! Lily also refused to sleep anywhere but on me at night. But I was ok with that!

idkmybfflindz said...

your girls are so perfect in so many ways.

Carol said...

She's a month old already? Well, Alex has great taste because the blue ones are definitely tastier than the red ones.

Mitzi G. said...

Time is flying by & both girls are just beautiful!!!