Monday, January 3, 2011

15 month appt

- ear infection (left ear)
- bronchitis (slight)
- underweight (19lbs 12oz)

yeesh. i had no inkling that she had an ear infection so i'm glad she had an appt & that we caught it before it's full blown.
the bronchitis is "possible" simply because she sounds like crap & has had this lingering cold/sickness for 3 weeks now- so the pedi is playing it safe & prescribed us some Amoxicillin so nix both the ear infection & the bronch.

as for her weight- she was 19lbs 2oz in October at her 12 month appt- and then she hit 20lbs at some point in Nov (if i recall correctly) but today she was only 19lbs 12oz- so she's sort of stayed the same...

we're guessing it's because she's been sick & not as hungry lately- but the Pedi still wants her to fatten up- so she suggested Pedia Sure. ok- i can do that. so i went & grabbed some, got it nice & cold & tried mixing it in with her milk.

um- yeah right. she made the most horrified face & promptly told me "NO!"- an it wasn't even a lot of Pedia Sure. so yeah- not gonna happen. i don't blame her either- i tasted it & it tasted like ass.
but she (Pedi) did suggest more butter, ice cream & etc. so i'll go with that.
she has a re-check in 2 weeks so we'll check her weight again then- so far today i'm feeding her whatever she wants- get chubby kid.

brynn has an appt on wed- so back to the Pedi we'll go- she's had a nasty cold (along with the rest of us) for the past week but we're finally on the upswing. i've been sucking out snot like mad & the poor kid gets saline up her nose about 5x per day. but it's working- she sounds much better. we took her to the Pedi on Friday (to rule out RSV) & she told us it was more than likely just a cold & to wait it out. super.

she's still bed-sharing but she does let me put her down for a little bit (although i've been holding her on my chest at night the past week thanks to her congestion)
i'm thinking we may have to look into the Rock & Play Sleeper with this one- i don't see her going into her crib anytime soon....she's great during the day (naps in the swing or bouncer) but she is starting to be awake more & she loves to be held.

the Baby K-Tan is great- but i'm going to look into something else too- maybe the Ergo.

let's see.

i'm good. tired- but good.
the boobs are 100% better & my milk is stellar (but better managed this time around)
i'm back to my pre-pregnancy weight & my clothes all fit (thankfully)- i still need to tighten up the tummy, but i'll wait till after my 6 week appt (hello procrastination)
the hubs is back at work today & my house guests have gone home, so it's me & the girls again. alex is doing MUCH better tantrum wise. she'll still pitch some random fits- but they're not nearly as...awful.
she's also warming up to Brynn- she loves to "give" her the paci & tries to feed her everything (um yeah- i caught her trying to shove Smarties down her throat- thankfully she wasn't even close, but still- eagle eyes are needed here)

she also likes to get in her face and yell "BABY!!!"

hilarious? yes!

was there anything else i needed to update you on? i think i've covered it all.

oy- as always, thank you for your comments, questions, encouragements. makes my day!
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J.Mo said...

Back to your pre-preg weight already?! Well, color me jealous. (I think that'd be green...) Congrats, I hope you all start feeling better soon!

Sarah-Anne said...

have fun with those two little girlies! they only stay that little for a little while...although it seems that alex isn't going anywhere. :)
you go momma!

Lauren said...

2 thumbs up from this Momma for the Rock n Play and an Ergo. I have both and LOVE them. Although getting baby out of the RNP and into her crib is proving quite difficult. But she sleeps so well in it so for now she stays.

Jocelyn said...

Highly recommend the's fantastic! Sounds like you are a busy mommy!

PhinneyGirl said...

Congrats on the new baby and that things are going well! I'm in the same 16 mo old is barely 20 lbs and has become a pickier eater, she does love cheese and ice cream so I've been trying to fatten her up. My new baby is 2.5 weeks old so we're also adjusting to life with two and the toddler tantrums (ugh!)
One thing about the rock and play sleeper, I was going to buy it but decided not to after reading several reviews about how long term (a few months) use had complaints of flat head problems due to the design of it, amazon had a lot of mixed reviews on it. I ended up getting the fisher price lamb bouncy seat and so far my son has been sleeping great in that.

Diana @Hormonal Imbalances said...

Bella is 14 months and under 20lbs. She's also been on a high fat diet since October. We do Pedia-Sure (and it took a while for her to like it. We mix it with milk as well.)
Lots of butter, organic chicken nuggets, olive oil, cream sauces. It's hard not to end up gaining weight with her.
I hope she feels better. <3

Jess said...

I'm so glad the ladies (ahem) and your other girls are feeling better. Jealous of your milk supply though! Thank GOD the Pedi found the ear infection before you did because babies/toddlers with ear infections are... the very opposite of "cute" and "fun" and "cuddly".

Keli said...

I wouldn't even worry about her weight. My little girl is almost 16 months and weighs a little less then 18 lbs. They're just little things!

Jamie-Lee said...

Awww poor girls. Having everyone sick is tough. I only have one child and a husband to care for but still a lot to handle when they are both sick at the same time. I hope they get better soon.

When Kaya my 5 week old was sick with a cold my Midwife told me to use a dropper and drop 1-2 drops of breast milk up her nose to help break up the snot. And it worked. Apparently the white blood cells in the milk breaks the snot down. I did do it for 2 weeks but the snot went away and she was able to breathe a lot better. Good luck!

Alyssa said...

My DD is coming up on her 15 month appt as well. I suspect she'll be less than 20 lbs as well. I wonder what our pedi will suggest.

Carol said...

Wow! You go girl, rocking your pre-prego clothes. It's been 21 months since my last baby and I'm just now COMFORTABLE in my clothes although I've been squeezing in to them forever. LOL.

We have the cold too...I can barely talk, the boogers are sliding down my throat. It's lovely...2011 will get better from here! Happy New Year, T.

Unpolished Parenting said...

A doctor that recommends butter and ice cream? Yes please!

Hope everyone gets better soon & glad things seem to be back to "normal" so quickly! Love reading your updates!

Mommy needs her chocolate said...

I LOVE the Ergo, use it almost every day and can't imagine living without it.

I also have to tell you that I just discovered your blog about a week ago and have been reading back a bit and I LOVE the way your dress Alex, it is totally how I want to dress my little one. Too bad I live in Canada with no Target in sight :(