Monday, January 24, 2011

i survived

no- not the show (even though i LOVE that show)- me. myself.

I LIVED! honestly- it wasn't that bad. my in-laws took alex overnight on friday so i got to "sleep in" saturday morning. i use " " because i still had to get up at 4:30am to pump & feed brynn- but we got to go back to sleep until like 7ish. glorious.

i then used the remainder of the day to do all the things alex doesn't allow me to do. boring yet effective.

we then braved church on sunday. thankfully my church has a soundproof children's room. fabulous because alex has no idea how to sit in church. my fault? yes. but i plan to remedy that. my mother & siblings were also in attendance- so they took over charge of alex after church (hello snack time) and i flitted around with brynn (who was quickly stolen from my arms & passed around to half of the town. i'm ok with that)

i was tickled because everyone kept commenting on how adorable my child was- but you know what people noticed the most? her perfect eyebrows. every. single. woman. commented on her eyebrows.

then they would look at mine (for comparison obviously) and i thanked God that i'd taken the time to pluck them the day before. because they were pretty rough for awhile.

also- did i mention that brynn crapped more than she ever has in her life? yes. bright yellow seedy poop all over her adorable church outfit. she has NEVER pooped through her clothes. i use an entire package of wipes.

it was a lot. like, i think there was some in her eyelashes. vom.

and then we headed home & the husband arrived around 6ish. and it was like he never left- except alex side eyed him for about 5 minutes.

now today- he's back to work & i'm back to the norm.

except it's not a normal day- because it's -10 outside. did you read that right?


disgusting. and i have to go out. today = my 6 week pp checkup. and we need food and milk & laundry detergent. NEED!

so i will bundle up the girls & head out into the frozen tundra. because we also need mini marshmallows. because my cocoa isn't the same without them.

and i'll leave you with the following:


dress: Puma
shirt: Target
leggings: Target
shoes: See Kai Run




outfit: Old Navy

and, can you tell what these are?


can you?


why, they're gnomes of course. right?

alex loved them. or rather, she loves picking off the eyes & nose & inhaling them. and then licking off all the cinnamon & sugar & tossing the cookie.
thanks kid.
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Desi said...

So glad you made it in one piece! Good luck braving the cold today...I feel your pain there.

Anonymous said...

Love those Gnome daughter effin detroys cookies when she eats them !

BTW check out my latest post you made my top 5 bloggers list!

Erin said...

I was thinking about you making it alone this weekend . . . I think to myself all the time when I have our one child with me alone and he is in a crabby state how thankful I am for my hubby and the help he gives at home. CUTE cookies . . . even cuter kiddos :) And oh the boob-juice poos . . .I don't know how many times we have all been covered in that seedy stuff . . .yum!

Diana @Hormonal Imbalances said...

Your posts always remind me so much of last year for me. When Bella was that tiny.

I'm glad to see we're not the only ones still hanging onto the paci. I don't mind it but it seems to bother "other" people. :)

I love those gnome cookies. They looked good.

Katie said...

suggestion for a post:

brands birds love - for your favorite brands of all things baby related.

Mitzi G. said...

So happy that you survived & that you also got some rest!! Family is wonderful to have around & help when they can & I am sure that Alexis LOVED the one on one time she enjoyed!!

The girls are as beautiful as ever!!

Mrs.F said...

I never noticed her eyebrows before you mentioned it, but they are perfect! And girl... -10 degrees? I've been freaking out over our 30 degrees here. I no longer feel sorry for myself.

Mrs. D said...

So glad you survived!! I had a hard time managing my girl while hubs was out of town. I can't imagine trying to take care of 2!

& I seriously can't get over how perfect her eyebrows are! Never noticed! haha!

Kim said...

WAY impressed that you're going out in -10. I'm done at 11. DONE. I've been solo w/ my three since Thursday and I'm also DONE with that! And, yes! She does have the most perfect eyebrows!! How adorable!

Mrs. V said...

Glad you made it through the weekend going solo! I have noticed Brynn's eyebrows in previous pictures!! They are gorgeous, and so is the rest of her! Those cookies look yummy. Stay warm!!! Or just move to's in the 70s this week! :)

Emily said...

Emerson totally does the same thing with cookies!!

Glad you survived the weekend!!

Mama Hen said...

We have been dealing with the 10 degrees and it is definately a time to stay cozy and bundled. Poop that requires a box of wipes is never fun. The pictures are so cute! You have a new follower! Have a great night!

Mama Hen

Anonymous said...

Just last week I made a point of showing Brynn's picture to my sister,for her to see your girls' gorgeous eyebrows (and hair and overall appearance).You seriously make beautiful kids! sister has a nearly 3 month old boy,would be perfect for Brynn.He hasn't got any hair or teeth yet,but we're expecting it anytime (not that he needs any,he's super cute while being as bald as the day is long).

PPS.Of all the mommy blogs I read (and there are quite a few - even though I'm not even a mommy myself) you are BY FAR MY FAVORITE!Thanks for keeping it real,yo.

lissasue3 said...

Hi - I hope it's okay... I've given you a stylish blogger award. Please see my blog for details.
those cookies look delicious and as always, the girls are beautiful!

Carol said...

I am totally envious of her eyebrows. I have the kind that go straight across my forehead. ugh. Glad that you survived and now you know you can do it on your own (sort of)!

I just have to mention that it is 80 degrees here and I found it cold enough to don a sweater...yeah, it's like that when there is no humidity. Funny how 80 can feel "cold." I feel for ya.