Sunday, November 15, 2009

Bum Genius 3.0's - cloth diapers

so alex started wearing her cloth diapers yesterday- i must say, her fluffy butt is way too cute:

tee hee! they fit very well and the newborn inserts contain her poops & pees splendidly for now.i but in the bigger insert for overnight & i'm glad i did because it was pretty soaked when she woke up- but no leaking! the husband isn't too keen yet (because it's not as easy as throwing on a disposable) but he'll get used to it. we still have some dsposables on hand for going out & such, but i'm going with the cloth for the everyday! she went through 8 or so yesterday so those are currently being washed & dried. i'm def. going to need to invest in about 14 more or so. we have 14 now so i think that'll give me a good stash.
and just as important- a chic wet bag for her diapers:

it works wonderfully! monkeyfoot designs people- this is a large sized wet bag- i have a small & medium one too & the medium one is perfect for the diaper bag & the small one is for other odds & ends- it'd only really fit 1 cloth diaper- so, perfect for a quick run out if needed.

in other news: alex likes nomming on max. he tolerates it wonderfully & gives her many kisses when she's done- then he licks off all her drool. so presh. ha.

yes- i let me child nom my dogs ::gasp:: :)
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Danse said...

Woot! I'm just about to start the BGs too (I have 36 for the 2 girls, hopefully that's enough). Do you mind saying approx. how much Alex weighs? My girls are just about 8 lbs now but starting to explode out of the newborn disposables so I'd rather start them on the BGs than buy more sposies...

Jessica said...

LOVE the fluffy butt! I can't wait until I can put the 3.0s on Knox.

That wet bag is adorable. Not as adorable as her kissing the dog, though, because that's insanely cute. Good thing your dog tolerates it (I know ours won't!).

Rachel said...

she is so cute! and just love those bum genius dipes! I still love DS in them after a year of wearing them!

Griffen said...

I plan to use gdiapers. Probably with the flushable inserts at first to get used to it, then hopefully onto cloth. I'd love to see an update post about your cding experiece now that Alex is older.
Also...nothing goes together better than babies and puppies. I say let her nom all she wants (and the pup will allow)!