Tuesday, November 10, 2009

long overdue updates

i'm such a slacker- i haven't updated in forever- so here are some recent pics:

bumbo time!

sleeping with daddy time...

pretty dress time!


so- alex is almost 7 weeks and it's AMAZING how much she's grown! she smiles & "talks" (you know, those baby babbls & such) she pushes herself up and looks around- it's awesome!
she has her 2 month appt on the 24th and i'm curious to see how much she weighs- she's freaking huge! her 0-3 month clothes are getting a bit tight and short.
she's doing awesome too- she takes a few naps during the day but she's awake alot more- then she goes down around 9:30-10pm and sleeps till 4-4:30am (which is PERFECT for when i go back to work) so i'm pleased.
she eats ALOT and i've been trying to chill out my milk supply because it's just to much (i hope this doesn't come back to bite me in the ass) she also poops alot (like through her diaper & onto my lap this morning) and pees & spits up & all that adorable stuff.
we give her a bath every other day or so, which she loves, but then we have to lotion her up, which she LOATHES! literally, she'll scream like a banchee so i try to make it as quick as i can. sheesh.
aaanyway- so all is well in her world.
as for my world- i spent 2 hours in a dentist chair last week for 1 of my crowns- and tomorrow i get to go back for another hour to have her replace a filling. and then i'm sure i'll have to schedule a few more appts so she can go to town on whatever else she wants to do- super. anyone who knows me knows that i freaking HATE going to the dentist. i could care less about the 6 inch needle in my mouth- it's the sitting there in the chair with my mouth open & my lips chapping. suuuuck.
anyway, then i had my 6 week pp checkup last week (down to 135- woot!)- all is well & healed & she gave me the green light for "whatever"- ie: maritals, but i have yet to take the plunge. maybe this weekend- who knows. we're always so exhausted that we literally fall asleep as soon as we hit the sheets. so who knows.
hmmm- ah yes, i got my last maternity leave check & so until Jan i have NO MONEY! yiiikes- i mean, i have plastic- but no cash. looks like the husband will be "lending" me some moola because mommy is poor. right in time for birthdays & Christmas- not so great. but alas. i'll live....off of him. HA! sucker.
and that's that. since the princess is sleeping i should take this opportunity to pump, do laundry & figure out dinner....instead i'm going to watch something about the Giant Sloth (because sloths are my all time FAVORITE animal- seriously. so freaking cute)
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Mama Manica said...

Alex is so cute! I can't believe she's already 7 weeks. Time is just flying. She is so beautiful and it looks like you are doing a great job! And FWIW, DH calls me sloth. Like instead of my name. He only says my name when he's taking about me to other people. Otherwise, its always "sloth" or "slothie."

When we 1st started dating I kept thinking "aw cute, sloth from ice age." NO--that a$$ meant sloth from goonies b/c I told him I loved rocky road ice cream. Unfortunately the name has stuck! I'm cool with it (now) as long as Gabriella doesn't start calling me sloth or mama sloth. :)

Jessica said...

I'm glad you guys are doing so well. And good for you already back to 135!

Alex is just my fave "blog baby." She is so darn cute, I really want to reach into my screen and ruffle her hair. I could just eat her up!

My open roads said...

glad you 2 are doing so beautifully! Gosh, little princess is getting big! I still can't get enough of the hair, so awesome :)

FaithJoy said...

the girl is a looka hunnie SERIOUSLY lol so cute !!!! glad to hear all is going well :)

Rebekah said...

Love, love, love the pics! They are growing up so fast!!

Team Scienski said...

Sounds like you're transitioning into motherhood quite smoothly! Go mama go! :)