Friday, November 20, 2009

the husband's birthday present.

this is what i got the husband for his birthday:

the Bose® CineMate® Digital Home Theater Speaker System

he's literally been begging for surround sound for 2 years & i've always said no because frankly, i think it's pointless. but alas, i had no other ideas for gifts this year so he got what he wants. i told him it's half of his Christmas gifts too because the cost was obcene.

when the guy asked me "will you be paying with a credit card...?" i was like, well, duh. no, no let me whip out some cash. right.

anyway- he set it up last night & was raving about how good it sounds. honestly, it does sound better, but i didn't mind what our tv sounded like before anyway. sooo yeah. but it makes him happy- so happy early bithday.

in other news:
alex seems to have a mild milk allergy- which means that i've had to cut out all "obvious" dairy from my diet. that's right- no milk, cheese, butter, cream, cheese, cheese, cheese, sour cream, cheese ::sob::

i might die- i want pizza so bad. however, it seems to only be a mild allergy so i'm not having so go so far as to eliminate all dairy (hidden dairy & such). she's had some mucus-y & slightly bloody stools & a milk allergy was the only thing that made sense. however she's not overly fussy or gassy & doesn't have any rashes or congestion so we can't be positive if it's an allergy or not.
i cut out obvious dairy 3 days ago & her poops honestly look better already- so i'm thinking that's what it was. she has her 2 month appt on the 24th (and shots- dun dun dun) so we're going to see if the pedi can verify. i think i'll save on of her diapers & bring it in. yum.

but yeah- hopefully she grows out of it quickly, but if that's what it is & if she doesn't then i'm going to have to donate all my breastmilk (i'm pumping now & storing the "dairy free" milk) which kills me. i have so freaking much & i worked pretty hard for it- but alas.

but yeah- we shall see.
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Rebekah said...

You're such a good wifey ;)

I had to cut out the obvious dairy as well. It SUCKS.

I'm virtually holding your hand on Tuesday as both of our babies get their shots :(

Nicki said...

This is not post related but I saw this on ETSY and thought of you! (It's not my shop or anything, just a cute hair clip that you should see!)[]=tags&includes[]=title