Saturday, November 14, 2009

pooping after pregnancy- the reality

so, no one tells you that your bowels don't always return to normal after you push out your offspring. in fact, i thought it'd be smooth sailing. i have a lovely child, minimal tearing and i've healed up nicely- so i should be able to poo in peace. wrong.

in fact, it is with fear & trepidation that i now approach the toilet with. the thought of deficating make me shudder- because it HURTS DAMNIT! and why? i eat more fiber than the average human- i down Sunsweet Ones like candy, i take my Colace like a good girl & i drink enough water that my $30 Brita filter purchase has paid for itself many times over. so why can't i just "go" in peace?

who freaking knows? so i suck it up. i stock up on Tucks, Cortizone 10- and just today, Miralax (which i drove 20 min out of the way to pick up at a Shaws with a Self Checkout because i'm 15 years old and can't stand the thought of someone checking me out & then thinking about me needing to poo) i also purchase these lovely Pearls that are supposed to regulate things.

so, i'm hoping that things will go back to normal eventully. i can't live in fear forever.
i also got my 30 Day Shred video in the mail- perhaps a little bit of excersice will do me (and my intestines) some good.

so now you all know full well what is going on with me & my bowels. oy.
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Mandy said...

i feel your pain. i can't even bear to tell my first after-birth poop story without breaking into a cold sweat and crossing my legs in the ow-ow-ow-ow position. it might take a while for all your inside parts to get back into position after little A was in there all pushing them around and junk.

Anonymous said...

prunes. I'm telling you. and oh, do i feel your pain. I really do.

pmarie33 said...

i've een eating apples as if they are going to be extinct soon.