Sunday, April 19, 2009

holy crap- we bought our house!

so, anyone who knows me knows that my dream home is a log cabin. i've wanted to live in one ever since i was a child- it's this...NEED i have!!!

well, there are some log homes in NH but most of them are up north- like WAY up north. finding one in our area is all but impossible.

well- we found one! and we bought it- i can't even believe it! it's 30 min from where we live now & right in between EVERYTHING! our work, our parents- everything!

here it is:

front outsideliving room
kitchen/dining room

master bedroom (#1)

nursery- bedroom (#2)

bedroom (#3) (downstairs/basement)
back yard/shed

back/side yardclose up of front

I LOVE IT!!! it's got:
3 bedrooms
1 bath.
living room
dining/kitchen area
finished basement
a deck out back
cathedral cealings
exposed beams
wood stoves
hardwood floors & etc etc!
it's on 1.71 acres & it's way far back off the road. we've got woods & neighbors (not too close though!) and it's in the "country" but so close to everything!
it was crazy too- we were the last showing because they wanted to sell THAT DAY!
we went & looked at 11:30am.
we fell in love. (they had DOXIE stuff EVERYWHERE! they had pictures & tons of stuff- and they had one (but he wasn't there)- it was like a sign!!)
we cancelled our next 3 showings.
we called the seller's agent & were told that there were already 4 offers over the asking price- YIKES!
we went & wrote up the offer (and a letter to the sellers) @ 2:30pm.
we prayed & crossed our fingers
our offer got accepted at 3:30pm!!!!
...and then the husband realized that he had lost his wallet ::slap::
it all worked out to perfectly (minus the lost wallet)- GOD IS GOOD! they put it on the market @ $179,900 which is MAD LOW! the offers coming in were for $185,000! so we went in at $187,000 with the promise that we'd offer $1k over the highest offers up to $190,000. i also wrote a letter about our own doxies, our love of their home & the baby (heh) and i guess they liked us best because they picked us!!! our final price: $187,000!
i'm so stoked we won a bidding war! and i'm so stoked that we got it so cheap!! they reeeeally needed to sell it. we were looking in the $235,000 range & then BAM! this comes along ::squee::
ok- this is too long so i'm going to end it. basically, we close in about 30 days & should be in by the end of May!! the husb's brother is renting our condo, so as soon as the permission comes through we'll be good to go! i can't wait to move in & get to work on the nursery! now i don't have to paint (well, 1 wall- but that's nothing!)
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Mrs.Rotty said...

OMGSH!! thats amazing!!!
i'm so super jealous! yay for a new house!!

Mari said...

I am sooo happy for you! I remember you talking about your log cabin love!

The house looks beautiful and sounds like it was just perfect!


Nikki1007 said...


Marijana said...

That's great, T--so happy for you! Its funny how weird things like the doxie stuff happen. When we were looking at day care people, the woman we ended up going with had a dog just like Leo. Its like you make an instant connection. Congrats!

Danse said...

OMG, that's wonderful, congratulations! I love it!!

Leigh said...

oh WOW, I am SOOOOOOOOOO happy for you two. Now you know that house is meant for you :)

Jessica Loves Trevor said...

That is amazing! Congrats!!

kim said...

How exciting! Congrats. The house is amazing!

ajvann said...

How exciting, I love all the land! Perfect place to raise kids ;-)

Andrea said...

What perfect timing and all the details show it was truly meant to be! It's a beautiful log cabin.