Friday, April 10, 2009


i got home yesterday to a kitchen filled with the remains of my slippers. that's right- the remains. stupid cessna decided to chew them up & spread them everywhere. i was mad- however, not as mad as i could have been because i bought a backup pair this past winter. yes- i am wise. she chewed up another pair right before that so....i'm on my 3rd pair of slippers this year. super.

she also did this, to the bag of Lindt candies that the cat knocked off the counter, the day before. luckily there were only 2 small pieces of chocolate in the bag- the rest were jellies. argh.

anywho- i can only stay mad for so long- because then they do stuff like this:

how adorable are they?! i love them. i mean, max is always a good boy so i'm never mad at him, but cessna is seriously the devil. but she's so cute i can't even stand it. damn her.
in other news- i got my fetal doppler on Wed & i'm pretty much addicted. i found the babe's heartbeat right away & it was a steady 140-150 bpm. then last night, it took a little longer, but i found it & let the husband listen. this time it was anywhere from 140-160. woot!

i also made him tell me which stroller he liked better:

the Bumbleride Flyer or:

the Bugaboo Frog
after much hemming & hawing he finally decided that he liked the Flyer better. now i'm not sure if it's really because he thinks the Bugaboo Frog "looks kinda weird" or because the flyer is about $300 bucks cheaper- either way. i'm ok with the Flyer (i will cry for my bugaboo later)
so yeah- that's that. i also made him look at furniture online- but i'm going to drag him to Tiny Tot Land to actually look at it. i have current name brand pref's so i'm pretty open. we won't be spending buko bucks on the furniture because i AM getting my glider. huzzah!
ok- umm- we're going to look at more houses tomorrow so i'm keeping my fingers crossed that we find something we like. and then we can actually start buying stuff because we'll have somewhere to put it. until then, i bookmark.
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Emilia said...

My sister has a bugaboo and though she likes it, she actually wishes she wouldn't have spent so much money on it. It is HUGE when folded up and extremely hard to travel with. I was still willing to take it off her hands, but she wouldn't give it.

Stephanie said...

OMG the dogs are so cute. I know what you mean..they do stupid things but I can't stay mad...they are just too cute. I just want to kiss their cute little fuzzy faces!