Tuesday, April 14, 2009

18 weeks

so as you can see my shirts/sweaters are getting a little short- i'm still wearing them because i refuse to buy new ones yet- but we'll see how long it lasts.

i obviously look way more ku with the bare belly- but you can tell either way (if i take my coat off) - however i've still managed to keep it a secret at work (for the most part)- nuts.
i'm going to "announce" after my big u/s next week- it's on a Thursday so i'll bake something & bring it in on Monday. woot.
and there you go! it's amazing how much bigger i am than just 3 weeks ago. i'm also in love with my doppler- i love how much higher i have to probe in order to find the heartbeat- i'm right at the belly button line now (which is starting to flatten out- it's so weird)
in other news- we're househunting. we found one that we really liked but they neglected to let us know that they were waiting on an offer to go through already- so when we put in ours they hemmed & hawed & finally told us. losers. so it's back to the search! we need to find something within the next 2-3 months so that we can be in by August at the latest. hopefully we'll be in before then because i have grand nursey plans that need to be started. there are tons of houses- we just need to agree on one. meh!
ok- i need to go watch The Hills now (yes- need)
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Serendipite said...

You look fabulous!

Mandy said...

look at you go lady! adorable.
oh, and spencer and his flesh colored beard must go die.

Sasha & Mark said...

Look how cute you are!! Adorable! Best of luck finding a house-- it should be a buyer's market!!

Leigh said...

you are CUTE!

I agree - am still in "normal" tops but my belly peeks out the bottom of some of them.

I gave up with the pants quickly but the tops???

Rebekah said...

You look great! I can't believe you still have it hidden from work!! Good luck with the house hunt!