Wednesday, April 29, 2009

20 weeks

first things first: one of our sugar gliders (deb) died yesterday. we knew she was dying but it was still sad (even though she was a complete bitch & always tried to bite us & never let us get near her)
seriously- she was MEAN! but still- for the last week she's been so sweet & helpless so i think that made up for the past 4 years of her constant PMS. we had to feed & water her by hand & it was very sad.
so when the husband opened up the pouch last night & she had finally died- i was relieved because i felt bad for her, but thanks to the massive amount of hormones flooding through my body i had to lock myself in the bathroom & cry for a good 15 minutes. then i was fine.
poor deb- we'll miss you...sort of.
we still have napoleon (who only has half a tail because she chewed it off a couple months ago & then we had to take him to get it amputated- see i told you, she was a BITCH!) and he seems fine being alone so we're just going to have to play with him more now.
so yeah- that's that!

ok, in happier news- i'm 20 weeks 1 day!!! holy crap! halfway there!

my belly is pretty hard now and my belly button is pretty much flat- it's got a little more to go but it's almost there. i'm pretty sure it'll pop out before the end. everything looks bigger when i'm standing- but i'll post that picture later. i didn't want to seem like i'm all about me...hmm.
annnd, in house news. we should close around May 20th. we're just waiting on the appraisal to come back- eeeee! i cannot WAIT to move!! i'm so pumped that everything came through the way it's supposed to- God is good!
la la la- that's about it. oh yeah, my co worker told me on Mon that she's pregnant too (with #2) and she's 15 weeks! it was nice to be able to be happy for her- i mean, there was still a little twinge of jealousy because she has nooo trouble- but i was more happy than anything. so that makes 3 of us that will be out at the same time. my boss is happy but a little worried- ha. poor woman.
ok- i have to go decide wether it would be appropriate for me to eat 2 more toaster streudles. i already had 2 but i'm starving...and i also have to decide if i'm going to use the 25% off Coach coupon that i got or if i'm going to give it to my husband's co worker. i mean, i really don't need it but DAMN! i love those things! argh!
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shawnandlarissa said...

Hello baby belly!

Scullyhoyy said...

You look awesome!! Congrats on a little girl, they are so much fun!! I love the name!