Thursday, March 12, 2009

13 weeks 2 days

so we had our NT Scan today- wooo! the lady told me to come with a full bladder & i totally didn't- i told her it was full though, and when she started the ultrasound she said "perfect"- ha, sucker. anyway.

so according to her & her measurments, everything looks good! the baby was very coopertive & stayed still when she needed him/her too. he/she did start moving near the end (hiccups & such) & then gave us a little wave- sweet. we got some great shots & he/she has a very lovely profile IMO. heh. the tech said he/she was very "sonogenic" - takes after me. der. oh yeah- heartbeat = 136 bpm. that's good she said, so- cool.

then i sent the husband on his way & got my bloodwork done. just one little vial today & then i go back on April 2nd for the 2nd half of it.

and that's that. i think brandon told his work today (because he's been chomping at the bit since day 1) but i didn't feel like it- i think i might just let people figure it out (but i'd hate to have them think i'm just getting fat- yikes) but we'll see. it's getting harder & harder to hide my diminishing waistline- meh.

we'll probably tell the rents this weekend. if i could hide it, i'd totally wait till Easter- but my short torso & lack of self control when it comes to cookies isn't going to allow that. damn me.

i think i'll make copies & frame a couple of the u/s pics & give them those- and be all like "i don't know how this happened aaaaaiiiieeeee!" lolz- nice. my parents'll be happy but they already have 4 granddaughters- the man's parent's on the other hand- yeeesh, they're gonna freak.
they want grandkids sooo bad and the b-man is the only one who's in any position to provide them with any so yeah. go us.

ok- i gots to go work- i'll post my alien baby pics laters. ciao.
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Mandy said...

Yay baby birdie! s/he's all, Just growing perfectly, no big deal. So very excited for you lady!

True Companions Plus One? said...

Yay for 2nd tri and a great ultrasound! And I can't believe you haven't told anyone or your parents yet! I haven't really told any friends (just 2 who knew we were doing IVF so knew we should have an answer) and my parents. Rest of family/friends don't know yet.

Have fun telling them!

Leigh said...

I can't WAIT for you to tell them. Everybody in my infertility support group was so shocked that we waited til 12 weeks to tell them the news - glad we were not the only ones.

Stephanie said...

I'm so glad that everything is looking good! :) have fun telling everyone.