Wednesday, March 25, 2009

15 weeks

taken tues:
ok- so in the first 2 pics you can see what i look like clothed:

hmmmm- loose sweater = is she fat? ooooor?
ok, now sans clothing:

much better! i think i actually look ku when my belly is un-covered. also if i wear a tighter shirt i look much to round in one area to be considered fat- woot!
as you can see i'm also rocking the maternity pants- they are so freaking comfy!!! they're a little looser than i like but i didn't want to get a size small because i see those not fitting any longer come this summer- so yeah.
all in all i feal great- my main "issues" include: heartburn gas, sciatic pain, rpl, tiredness & food aversion. otherwise i think i've had it pretty good so far!
i have a pre-natal appt tomorrow & i'm keeping my fingers crossed that they let me hear the heartbeat ::squee:: i also hope i can schedule our big u/s- i'm so pumped to find out what this child is!
my dentist (whom i saw on monday) has decided it's a boy. we shall see!
ok- i'm off to watch family guy & think up ways to convince the husband that i need Coldstone tonight...oh yeah!
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Leah said...

Aren't there worse things in the world than being fat? You have a healthy baby growing in there! You clearly are not fat! Relax! You will only get bigger and bigger and that's what is supposed to happen. I would be worried if you looked skinny while pregnant. I'm fat and I promise you it's not the worst thing in the world.

Leigh said...

Trina, you look GORGEOUS!

I'm relieved to see there's something there after that enviably flat belly for so long!

I know what you mean about those maternity pants - my word, they're comfortable!

t.bird said...

of course there are worse things than being "fat"- and i know i'm not really- i'm just saying :)

thank you ladies!!

hopeful #1 said...

You look great! What a darling little baby bump!

shawnandlarissa said...

Lookin good!

Stephanie said...

Awwwww, super cute belly!