Sunday, March 22, 2009

maternity pants = comfort

so i was going to hold off as long as i could before buying anything "maternity"- but i stopped into MotherHood Maternity & BAM- i walked out with 2 pairs of the most comfortable pants/shorts i have ever put on:

secret belly fit short = can't wait till summer!!!

secret belly fit jeans = omg, wearing them NOW!!! i mean, i want to wear these even when i'm not KU. for real.

i also found this super cute sweater at Old Navy- it's not maternity but its still adorable.

and my dear husband bought me the Uggs i've been drooling over. seriously- these are the only ones i've seen that i liked but i didn't want to drop $200 on them. so he did. woot!
i also finally found a bra that fits at Gap Body- it was only $17.99 too because it's this weird brown color- whatevs!

and that's that. actually, wearing these pants actually make me look pregnant rather than fat- it's nice. i'll take a 15 week pic on tues to prove this.
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E_Sharp said...

I feel the same way about my mat pants. They were my new best friends when I started wearing them.

Leigh said...

I know what you mean. Once I fitted on maternity jeans, I was like "where have these been my whole life? They are SOOOOO comfortable" only thing is I look REALLY, really pregnant.

People are like, "you still have 5 months to go???"

Um, yes...thanks for that.

Kelley said...

Pants with no waistband = the secret to happiness, hands down. Check out the cotton gaucho pants at Old Navy... They are really light and super comfy; I am as in love with them as I am with my secret fit belly jeans!

Stephanie said...

Hooray for comfy clothes!! :) I have the secret fit belly jeans too and I luuuuurve them!