Friday, February 27, 2009

weird dream

ok so i've dreamt about "having" a baby before & they're usually pretty vague. also about 95% of them have been me having a baby girl. well last night's dream was way more "real" and a little weird.

i dreamt that i had a baby boy, a HUGE baby boy and i couldn't remember how i had him. i still don't know if it was vaginally or c-section. i asked the husband & he didn't know either...ok. i thought it might have been a c-section because i had a little mark on my lower "area" but i wasn't sure.

so yeah- i had this baby & yet i was back to pre-preg weight & had no stretch marks or anything- i was hot. but the baby was massive- like 15 lbs. so yeah. he was hungry so i decided to feed him, but we had no formula so i was like, "oh yeah, i have boobs and they have milk" so i breast fed him, and i could tell he was getting some because he was frothing at the mouth- like when you feed a baby goat. wtf!? yeah.

so anyway he drank all my milk & then he was just lying there and stuff. then i realized that we still lived in our 1 bdrm condo & started getting really mad at the husband who was sleeping. whatever.

and that was it. it was so random, but SO real. like i could feel him & his chubby legs. it was neat.
so maybe i'm having a huge baby boy who froths at the mouth. who knows?
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True Companions Plus One? said...

Well, if you do end up having a boy, will you be naming him Billy? Yes, I'm a dork. ;-)

Nicki said...

O wow, do not name him billy! lol

Leigh said...

Very weird :)

I had a dream a few weeks ago where the nurse gave me ONE baby in blue and I said, "where's the other one?" and she said, "there's only the one" which of course freaked me out since I'm pregnant with twins!

I've also always wanted girls until the whole IF thing - now I really, honestly don't care what sex they are!

I tagged you, Trina

t.bird said...

lol- billy bird..goat.

Stephanie said...

That is some weird ass dream! LOL. I have had lots of crazy dreams since being pregnant. Like a pair of haunted shoes with faces on the toes chasing me around the house??? Yep, that was last week. Our brains do crazy things!