Friday, March 27, 2009

pre-natal appt

i had my 1st pre-natal appt yesterday at 15 weeks 2 days. i met with a diff. obgyn than usual (some guy)- and he was really cool & has lunch once a month with my RE, how weird?! so when he saw i had come over from RSC & saw my history he had loads of questions/stories that he felt the need to ask/share. i didn't mind- i like to talk- but it wasn't what i was expecting. but as i said, he was cool so i obliged. so yesterday consisted of:

-they weighed me (up +2lbs)
-he measured my belly
-he felt around for my ute
-he asked me a bunch of questions & told me ectopic horror stories...hmmm
-he doppler'd me & found the baby's heartbeat right away ::squee::
-told me i needed to call this other place to set up my "big u/s"

i have another appt in 4 weeks with another ob- at this rate i will have seen every ob in the practice. lovely!

i called this morning to set up my big u/s but the lady told me that my ob's office should be doing this- gah! she was super nice though & offered to call them for me to figure it out. thank you nice lady!! she will call me back later today and hopefully i can get this scheduled so i can start counting down!

and that's that! now i'm looking forward to a happy weekend (shopping at the Tilton Outlets ::swoon::) and chillaxin' with my homegirls (omg, who says that?!)
no but really, i'll be going to the outlets & then eating dinner with my 2 best friends :)
hurry up 5 o'clock!!!
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hopeful #1 said...

Kinda weird about your RE and OB having lunch weekly... But good that they know each other, I suppose.

Wow, you're doing great! Keep it going!

Stephanie said...

I'm glad the dr. appt went well. I have 5 OBs in my practice and they like you to see all of them while pg b/c you never know who will be on call when you have the baby(babies). I hope the next one you meet is just as likable. How great that they found the hb right away, how exciting!! I can't believe you are moving along so fast! So exciting!