Monday, January 16, 2012

well that was fun

see these 2 adorable little girls enjoying dinner in their teepee: (photo via instagram)

Dinner in the teepee

well, on friday evening i managed to lock both of them in the car. with my keys. & my phone. in a mini blizzard.

i am currently running for Mother of the Year- feel free to vote for me.

but seriously. last week was epic. my check engine light went off for the 3rd time in 3 weeks. then my heat stopped working. then winter showed up & i froze to death. then i dropped my jeep off & was informed that a mouse had made a home in my motor blower- which apparently wasn't a wise choice for him because now said mouse was dead & his guts were everywhere & he'd left a pretty shitty mess in his wake.

lolz- silly mouse.

so, jeep dropped off, loaner picked up, running around like a crazy person responsible adult, stuff & things, blah blah blah. that was mon- thurs.

this is how friday went.

- drive to work in a loaner car
- drop the girls off @ my mil's
- work
- do lots of other annoying adult stuff (ie: drive around, make phone calls, spend money...)
- get a call from the dealership, "come get your jeep. oh yeah, that'll be $880. burn."
- nature decides that snow is happening right now
- go get jeep. hand over my credit card. cry internal ugly tears.
- back to work
- leave work early to go get the girls
- come back to work to show off the girls (by request)
- say goodbye & heard the girls down the elevator & out to the car
- brynn grabs my keys. hits the lock button. i hear it- but it doesn't register 100%.
- i take key. toss them in the front seat.
- i buckle brynn & alex in. i turn on their DVD. i give them fruit snacks.
- i shut alex's door. i reach for mine....

holy shit. i just locked my kids in the car. along with my phone. do not panic. remain calm.

& i did. i walked around the car & whispered prayers that there was some way i could get dice.

so i ran back into my building, back up to my office & called the husband's cell. he answered- i told him that's the girls were locked in the car....& it was brynn's fault. he questioned how i was blaming this on a 1 year old child- then he said he was on his way.

well he only works about 15 min from me. so i figured i'd be on my way home within 20 min. not too shabby.

i went back downstairs & peeked in on the girls who were happily watching Veggie Tales & eating fruit snacks. they waved at me & were obviously unaware of the predicament. good.

& then it started to blizzard. like, right then. snow, wind, howling. w.t.f?!

so there i was, standing outside in a blizzard, staring at my locked car.
well this is a riot. totally what i'd planned for my friday afternoon.

thankfully the door to my building was within 50 feet of my car- so i ran to it & stood inside. i could see my car & sort of stay warm. i felt a little guilty though- so i ran back out & looked in the car. both girls looked at me.

i waved & gave a thumbs up- like it's totally normal that they're inside the car & mommy is standing outside in the snow. duh.

then i ran back inside. back & forth. & as people left the building i desperately tried to look cool while i stood at the door looking like a 15 year old waiting for her ride. a 15 year old with no fashion sense & no cell phone. i'm thinking they weren't convinced.

then it got dark. like within 2 minutes. light. dark. shit. i should stand outside...

so i did. in non blizzard attire (hello, boat shoes, thin jeans & a fleece jacket) & 45 min later the husband showed up. apparently driving fast in a blizzard is frowned upon my mother nature- so he had to "take it slow..."

by this time my boss had come down & listened to my plight. he asked me if i wanted him to wait with me- i told him no. go home. i'm good. & i thought he had. but it turns out he's a really nice guy who waited in his car & watched to make sure i wasn't mauled by a Yeti (i know this because as i was pulling out & sitting @ the light he pulled up next to me. i gave a mortified wave & gunned it) many thanks to the boss man.

aaanyway. the husband showed up. unlocked my door. i climbed in to my surprisingly warm car & greeted 1 happy toddler & 1 starting to get pissed off toddler (brynn). drove home. unloaded. gave baths. ate dinner & called it a day.

are you jealous? because, hello! adventure!

so. new rule: brynn isn't allowed to touch my keys until she's 16. i told her this after we got home & she just looked at me. i don't think she gets it.

i'm still blaming this on her. at least 95% of it.

as for the squatter mouse who cost me $880, eff you mouse. although i feel bad that you got vaporized.
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Erica said...

Well holy shizzzzznat that is a suck ass day !!!

sux for the mouse though

shawna said...

I thought I would give you a heads up, though I know it's too late. A quick call to 911 would have sent the fire dept out and they would have opened it in under a minute. Unfortunately, I speak from experience!

Marisol said...

Oh man! This will so happen to me someday... you would think i would learn from you but no, I'm pretty sure it will happen to me anyway. I lock myself out of my own car a few times a year so really, what chance do i have? And no toddler to blame.

Marisol @ The Sea & Sol

Melissa said...

Way back when, like 20 or so years ago, I was at Nashua City Hall doing god knows what, and when I left, I deposited my daughter in the car (this was back when there were no airbags (gasp) and your kid could ride in the front seat in a car seat (it's wonder she is still alive), tossed my purse in the car, shut the passenger door and heard the locks click. Car keys were in the purse, in the car. With the 18 mo old daughter. I promptly began freaking out. So did she. I sprinted into the Police station, w hich at the time was in City Hall. In the rear of City Hall, Where I was parked. I relayed my dilemma - kid locked in car, mom has no way to get her out - they said they would help. Ran back out to car. Child was ok, 10 minutes passed, no one came out, I started trying to get child to press the unlock button. Child freaks out. I freak out. Run back to police station. REALLY freak out. Officer escorts me back to car (I am sure they were drawing straws over who had to help me at that point) and manages to unlock door.
Moral of this story? I have told the child this story many times and she remembers nothing. You are a good mother!!