Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Brynn's 1st Birthday Party

i'm only a month late on this. it could be worse.
i could also talk more & try to be witty- but i'm just going to show you pictures because i'm pretty sure that's what the majority of people come here for.

although i do pride myself on being hilarious & using awesome mind is set on the fact that i'm funny. even when i'm being told by the husband, "no. at this moment you are not funny." i'm pretty sure he's lying because he's insanely jealous.

like, i know for a fact that when people walk by the picture of me that he has on his bench at work, they stop & think, "wow. not only is his wife a milf, she's also funny to boot."

he insists this is not what happens at all- in fact, he insists that the only person that stops & looks @ that picture is him. & he insists that yes, although he does think i'm a milf, his #1 though is, "...i wonder what she's making for dinner?"

whatever. ok- here are the pictures. not great- frankly, not even good- but my house is a cave with nothing whatsoever to bounce a flash off of. plus, we were all crammed into a square footage of about 400 ft. no good.
but we still had fun, & we still celebrated brynn's pretty kick ass existance.


we kept it simple:

soda, sparkling grape juice & apple cider
Doritos, mozzerella sticks & chicken fries
$5 pizzas from Little Ceasar's
balloons & a b-day print out
owl cupcake cake (i made it- it was actually pretty easy! although i didn't used canned frosting- i just can't. i also nixed food coloring the coconut & skipped it on the baby owls.)
popcorn grab bags (favors)- a big thank you to Jess for the favor printouts!

the adults stood around & gabbed & the kids toppled over each other in the living room.
party was from 11-1 & both brynn & alex went down for naps after everyone left (amen)

it was a sweet, fun time. we love you brynn! happy 1 year of being alive!
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Anonymous said...

small and sweet is the easiest way to go sons 2nd bday is tommorrow and poor kid isn't even getting a sucks :( it will be just me, dad, big sis and some cake and balloons :)

Ryan V. said...

WOw---LOVE the owl cupcake cake!! So creative. I cannot believe she is 1 already! Happy late birthday, Brynn!

Leslie said...

The cake and cupcakes are amazing!!! Happy Birthday to Brynn!

Desi said...

The cake looks awesome! I think I saw it on pinterest...and I also think your's looks better ha ;).

Melissa said...

Happy Birthday Brynn!

Mitzi G. said...

I LOVE that cupcake cake!!

Anonymous said...

omg omg omg!! the owl cake!! i die!!! can you come recreate that for my birthday please?

happy belated birthday Brynn!

Krysta said...

Oh wow! The cake and cupcakes are to die for!!

Francis said...

The cake is amazing!

Lea said...

You did a great job, Trina! And I just want you to know, that I enjoy your witty banter. (and pics) ha

Elizabeth said...

1. You're funny and I love your blog.
2. This party looks kick ace.
3. Your home is my fave.