Monday, April 25, 2011

easter weekend / what we wore

i don't dress up often- i simply don't have the time or energy. or the clothing- apparently. however, i don't skimp on Easter.

if i think back to my childhood - i recall pretty dresses, white patent leather shoes, a stiff hat & fresh tights with no holes.

and i remember loving it. because even a tomboy likes to look pretty once in awhile.

so even as an adult, i take the time to look nice on Easter. an now as a wife & mother- i feel like my family should look nice as well.

so here's how we did:


alex & brynn:

dress/romper: Tea Collection

socks: Old Navy

shoes: See Kai Run



dress: Target

cardi: Old Navy

belt: Target

wedges: kelly & katie via Off Broadway Shoes


the husband:

shirt: theGap

jeans: Levi's

shoes: Saucony


ta da! poised & put together- if only for about 5 minutes.

but 5 minutes was enough- i even managed to squeeze in some mommy & daddy shots:


(in case you're wondering- they have his eyes)


and everything else is courtesy of yours truly. obviously.

but wait- do i dare??? yes- i dare take even more pictures to include the grandparents (my in-laws)


and then we added the girl's cousin Jameson:


who has perfected the pout face...


...and promtly pwnd grandma.


and then we brought it together for 3 generations.

and i swear brynn wasn't rockin' a frown all day:


she mixed it up with a look of "um...what?"

and since i thought it'd be vain of me to ask someone to take a picture of ME ALONE (whaaa?!)- i was forced to take my own later that evening in our badly lit bedroom:


look- POCKETS! a dress with pockets = i will probably buy it.

as i stated- i don't dress up often- but i thought i did A-Ok this time around.

i do have some pictures of alex & her easter basket excitement- but i'll save those for later.

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Mrs.F said...

I almost bought that same Target dress & when I came back for it my size was gone :( But you looked awesome in it... and your fam looked adorable as always.
And you are so lucky you have a toddler that actually smiles (let alone even looks) at the camera for pictures!!

Erica said...

You look great ! Love the family pics and OMG Brynn looks sooooooooooo big !!!!!!!

Amber Lynn said...

I had that dress in my cart at Target last week.

I would have bought it if I wasn't pregnant.

You all look great!

Beckie said...

You and your fam are adorable! :) Still cant believe you have 2! I have been reading your blog since before Alex was born. Keep up the good blogging :)

Unpolished Parenting said...

Those are some GREAT family pictures! Such a beautiful family :)

Tales of a young mamma said...

Adorable family. And i Love that dress!

Sarah said...

Oh my goodness, your girls are so adorable! Great family pics and love the dress!

Meg said...

Alex is soo stinking cute in all these pics! It's awesome that she smiled for you. And Brynn has the most amazing eyes! Beautiful family, well done. And might I add - you look amazing as well!

Mitzi G. said...

Your family is too cute & I love all the photos; I wish I would have felt like dressing up yesterday but 38 weeks pregnant & dress-up sadly don't go well in my book this time around.

Jessica@The Southern Belle Baby said...

You look adorable!! I bought that dress in a different print. :) You've got fabulous taste, of course.

The girls are precious, as always!!

Ryan V. said...

Love your dress! And the girls' matching outfits were presh. You have a beautiful family! I feel like I've asked you before but I always forget to check back in the comments, but anyway, just wondering what lens you were using? fixed? Awesome pics!

Stephanie Thigpen said...

What an adorable little family! :D

t.bird said...

mrs.f: this was the last one in my size, i was pumped! gracias!
erica: thank you!
ameber: you should still get it. the tummy has plenty of room for expansion :)
becki: thank you!
UP: thank you!
young mamma: thank you!
sarah/meg: thank you!
mitzi: you seriously look awesome- ALL belly!
jess: i debated over prints- ha!
ryan: thank you! and my main lense = 35mm f/1.8!
stephanie: thank you!

Adriana said...

omg your fam is so dang cute!!!

Ryan V. said...

yay I remembered to look back at the comments today! I have the same 35mm 1.8 but I am still learning! Sometimes it will focus the background and blur my subject when clearly the subject is the closest object!! uggh

Diana @Hormonal Imbalances said...

You look amazing! So jealous of those long legs!

Your shoes are super cute too.

Carol said...

Gorgeous! So great that you got photos on Easter, somehow I always forget to get photos with me in them! Awesome.

BTW - wanted to tell you that I switched to Target diapers on your reco. ions ago. Well, my just turned 2 year old is practically potty trained already and I think those diapers were key. She must not like the way they feel when they are wet now...score for me! Best Diapers EVER!!!

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